Debating Facebook Engineer’s Resignation

The following debate originally took place upon my Facebook wall…

Rayn: Facebook Engineer Quits Over Company’s Mob-Like Attacks on Anyone Opposed to ‘Left-Leaning Ideology’:

Johnson J.: daily caller. bs

Rayn: BS? The source within this article is readily available…

The Facebook Engineer Who Wrote a Controversial Memo Decrying the Company’s ‘Intolerant’ Culture is Leaving:

Daniel Sv.: I only look forward to a social media that is not explicitly left wing.

Rayn: Check out, and, Daniel.

Johnson J.: what happens if you yell racial slurs in an ethnic neighborhood ? u get mobbed. Right wing is Nazi. this is a Nazi publication. BS. even if they were being overzealous… we are at war.

Rayn: Though you seem to indicate otherwise, Johnson, non-leftist Facebook employees didn’t “yell racial slurs in an ethnic neighborhood,” though they were met with the mob mentality of their liberal co-workers. As this former senior Facebook engineer stated, in a FB post he made back in late August, “they know that all of the talk of ‘openness to different perspectives’ does not apply to causes of ‘social justice,’ immigration, ‘diversity,’ and ‘equality’,” because “on these issues, [one] can either keep quiet or sacrifice [his or her] reputation and career.”

And, ironically, by reflexively, yet loosely, tossing around the label, “racist,” here, without even an inkling of such behavior coming from myself, nor from the article I provided, nor from the former Facebook employee mentioned within, you appear to be engaging in the same exact sort of behavior that this ex-employee complained his liberal co-workers were using to create an atmosphere of intimidation, fear and silence, behind the scenes, at Facebook.

Regardless of it’s recent popularity, use of the “Association Fallacy” is *not* a logical method of reasoning… It is merely an intellectually-dishonest and manipulative attempt to dismissively discredit an individual’s voice, without the burden of addressing even a *single* portion of their *actual* opinion.

Guilt by Association Logical Fallacy:

Meanwhile, if you haven’t been following this story, it started back in late August, when the author of the resignation above, Brian Amerige, a senior Facebook engineer, wrote a piece on Facebook’s internal message board, entitled “We Have a Problem With Political Diversity.” It’s located here:

Dozens at Facebook Unite to Challenge Its ‘Intolerant’ Liberal Culture:

In this writing, he stated the following, “We are a political monoculture that’s intolerant of different views. We claim to welcome all perspectives, but are quick to attack—often in mobs—anyone who presents a view that appears to be in opposition to left-leaning ideology. We throw labels that end in *obe​ and *ist​ at each other, attacking each other’s character rather than their ideas.”

And… here we are, less than two months later, watching Facebook scrub a large amount of very popular pro-libertarian, pro- anarchist, anti-State, and anti-Police-Abuse pages from their social network, among others, in a single, obviously-politically-motivated motivated move.

Facebook Purge: Here is The List Of Pages Deleted by Facebook:

In response to this, Brian Amerige chose to resign from his job position at Facebook. It should have become apparent, with his latest move, that Amerige’s understanding of the “left” is actually based on the *full* scale of the political spectrum, which starts with fully-consensual, individual liberty (anarchism), and progresses to fully-coercive, collectivist tyranny (communism, fascism). Under this scale, all of recently scrubbed pro-libertarian, pro- anarchist, anti-State, and anti-Police-Abuse pages absolutely were very “far right”:

“What your teacher told you:

And, these pages contained nothing “racist,” “homophobic,” or otherwise. I know, because I’ve shared from them over a hundred times, upon both my Facebook wall, and my website. I’ll provide examples, next, to make the content clear.

Rayn:  “The Free Thought Project”
(43 posts)

For Your Safety, Folks!

A Representative, or a Rogue?

The State Has Been Arbitrarily Kidnapping Children, Since Inception:

Zero Tolerance Policy in Public School Claims Another Innocent Victim:

Wikileaks Documents Identify Head of Libertarian Party as Secret US Intelligence Asset:

America’s Deadliest School Attack Was Actually “Tax Protest” Terrorism:

Same Government Who Failed to Investigate or Stop School Shooter Spends Massive Resources Daily Prosecuting Victimless Drug “Criminals”:

But, Without Government, Who Would Abuse and Rob the Innocent?

Debating the Role of Demagoguery in the Holocaust:

But, Without Government, Who Would Trash Mass Quantities of Food Intended for the Homeless?

Cowards-That-Be Collude to Label Valid, Fact-Based Criticisms as “Conspiracy Theories”:

Flashback, Reality! US & UK Had No Legitimate Reason to Invade Iraq!

A Vote for Hillary is a Vote for the 1%!

Americans May Be Forced to Pay a Second Time for War of Aggression Against Iraq:

But, Without Government, Criminals Would Take Over, You Say?

Purge the Disease Called Authoritarianism, or it Will Continue to Rot the Very Roots of Our Societies:

Cop “Accidentally” Shoots 13-Year-Old Girl While Responding to Incident at School:

Rayn: (Continued…)

Tax-Payers Forced to Fund More Warrantless Searches, Because… Pre-Crime!

With U.S. Already Enforcing Pre-Crime Laws Everywhere, Researchers Now Warn that Artificial Intelligence Will Soon Be Used By Police to Further Same Goal:

What if Police Begin Labeling Their Reckless Murders “Collateral Damage”?

Statism is a Refuge for Narcissistic Control-Freaks:

Home Businesses Continue to Be Disenfranchised By State Extortion Racket:

Government: Expanding and Cornering the Black Market, Since Inception!

Through Her Sacrifice, Korryn Gaines Exposed the Naked Aggression of the State Against Peaceful Human Existence:

But, Without Government, Who Would We Pay to Rape and Sodomize Our Daughters Under Color of Law?

Your Tax Dollars at Work, America!

Innocent North Carolina Father Assaulted, Then Murdered by Police for Refusing Police Search Without Warrant:

The Blatant Racism of Hillary Clinton:

Sheriff Who Authorized “No-Knock Raid,” Then Laughed About Grenade-Injured Toddler, Shot by Rogue Cop:

Defend Racial Profiling by Police, or Assert the Right of Innocence Until Proven Guilty?

Police Departments Distribute Dangerous Spyware in the Name of “Child Safety”:

Father Tasered by Police as He Grieves Over the Body of His Dead Stepson:

Self-Defense is Our Best Option Against Murderous Pigs:

Forget Straw-Boogie-Men Al Qaeda and ISIS! Recognize Cops As Biggest Terrorist Threat to Americans!

DEA Fights Cannabis Decriminalization and Legalization in Because it Hurts their Mexican Drug Cartel Partners:

Over a Dozen Newly-Minted Cops Go On Violent Drunken Rampage Immediately Following Graduation:

NYPD Appear to Beat Man for Falling Asleep on Train During His Trip Home:

The American Police State Targets the Most Vulnerable Members of Society for Harassment, Threats, and Extortion:

Control-Freak Cop Detains Family Attempting to Rush Their Toddler to Hospital for Scorpion Sting, Rather Than Providing Assistance:

Washington Cop Appears to Purposely Run Over Man Lying in Roadway:

Warn the Town! The Beast is Loose!

Cops Murder Homeless Man for Victimless “Crime” of “Illegally Camping”:

Out-of-Control Chicago Police Caught Sexually-Abusing Innocents in Broad Daylight:

Rayn: Cop Block:
(19 posts)

Domestic Terrorist With Badge Assaults a Child:

Jack-Booted Thugs Run America’s Streets:

Above-the-Law Police Chief Commits Egregious Sex Crime with Virtual Impunity:

Behold! State Delivers “Justice” in Their War Against a Non-Toxic Plant:

Submission to a Dominating Influence:

In America, Helping Others is Slowly Becoming a Crime:

GOVERNMENT: Shaping Black Markets, then Cornering Them Under “Color of Law,” Since Inception!

State Tithes Pay for Criminals in Disguise:

Dr. Ron Paul’s Thoughts on America’s Drug War:

Would You Like Some Statism to Go With that Medical Distress You’re Experiencing?

Cop-Suckers Continue to Defend the Murder of Eric Garner by Police:

But, Without Government, Who Would Use Violence to Enforce Victimless Crimes?

Guess Who Watches the Watchers?

Talk to Your Child About the Dangers of Pro-Government Extremism:

Defend the Job of Police and Blame Those Who Join, or Implicate Both Institution and Individuals as the Problem?

Eugenics Alive and Well in America:

Cops Dutifully Beat Father of Suicide Victim for Standing Over His Son’s Body While Paramedics Began Resuscitation Efforts:

Once Again, Police Murder a Car Accident Victim in Medical Distress:

The Incremental Militarization of the American Police Officer:

Rayn: “V is for Voluntary”:
(11 posts)

Seeking to Remove the Freedoms of Others Due to Being Offended is Tyrannical:

Dr. Ron Paul Called Congress “Psychopathic Authoritarians” Right to Their Faces – And, He Was Also Addressing All of Those Who “Endorse Government Force to Change the World”:

Don’t Like Corporations? Well, Guess What? Governments Are Responsible for Legally Creating Them!

Soldiers are Socialists, Paid Using Stolen Tax Funds!

But… Muh “Orders”!

Belief in Humanity Over Authority…

A Government of Consent Does Not Exist in America:

Don’t Believe the State-Manufactured Hype!

The New Peace Sign!

The Kind of Man Who Wants Government to Adopt and Enforce His Ideas…

To Be Governed…

Rayn: The Anti-Media:
(10 posts)

The Anti-Media Campaign Against Fascism:

Another Keynesian Non-Prophet/Profit Who Subsists on a Steady Diet of Crow:

Are You a Man Looking to Legally Beat Women? Become a Cop!

One Rotten War Criminal Deserves Another!

“Extremist,” You Say?

Freedom is Precious!

Doublethinking About Terrorism:

The “War on Terror” Represents an Ouroboros:

The Herd-Mentality of Sheeple:

McDonald’s is a Real Estate Company, First and Foremost!

Rayn: “Being Libertarian”:
(7 posts)

Confusing Coercion With Consent:

The Most Murderous Flavor of Statism on Record:

Show Your Dedicated Support for Your Favorite War-Mongering Presidential Candidate by Enlisting in the Military, Now!

From “Occupy Wall Street” to Voting for Wall Street:

Explaining the Complex Dynamics at Play Regarding

Muh Social Contract!

Feminist Doublethink:

Rayn: “The Liberty Principle: No Consent from the Governed”:
(6 posts)

The Math of Elitism:

Check Your Blue Privilege, Statist!

Doublethinking About Election Fraud:

Licenses Are Merely Government Permission Slips for Rights We Already Have!

The “Social Contract” Doesn’t Exist:

Trend-Setting War Swine, Obama:

Rayn: “We the Individuals”:
(6 posts)

Circular Reasoning, Statist Edition Series: Example 2:

Circular Reasoning, Statist Edition Series: Example 1:

Feel the “Bern” War-Piglets-in-Training!

Silly Statist… Myths Are for Kids!

iArm Prank Pack Gift Box:

Gun-Free Zones Create Defenseless Victims:

Rayn: “I Owe You Only Non-Aggression”:
(5 posts)

Countering Communism:

But, Without Government, Who Would Brutally Murder the Homeless?

Dreaming of a Better Tomorrow…

Speak Out Against Corruption!

545 Representatives Ruling Over the American Hive:

Rayn: “Police the Police “:
(5 posts)

Without an Injured Party, No Legitimate Law Has Been Broken:

Kidnapped by State Agents for Victimless “Crime,” Then Summarily Executed:

Attention, Police: Beating “Suspect” for “Non-Compliance” Will Immediately Result in a Defensive Posture, Not a Handcuff Posture:

Piggy Get Boo-Boo:

Something Tells Me We’re Not in America, Anymore…

Rayn: “Psychologic-Anarchist”:
(5 posts)

Statists Can’t Seem to Wrap Their Heads Around Liberty:

Psychiatry is Historically-Rooted in Racism, Oppression, Pseudo-Science, and Propping Up the Power of the State:

Delusional Democrats Clamor to be Ruled by 1%:

Rise From Your Grave, and Join the Living!

According to Statist Logic, Criminals Represent Society’s Best Means of Protection Against Criminals:

Rayn: “Fuck the Government”:
(4 posts)

“Noble” Slave-Mastering, Indigenous-Massacring, White Supremacists Secure “Freedom” for Entire Nation!

The Many Pleas of Police Murder Victim, Kelly Thomas:


Blind Faith in the Religion of Centralized Government is Obsolete!

Rayn: “Get involved, you live here”:
(3 posts)

A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste!

The Reward for Conformity…

Knee-Pads for the Duopoly!

Rayn: “Filming Cops”:
(2 posts)

Withhold Judgement When Unarmed, Non-Combative, Handcuffed Suspect is Tased by Police, or Immediately Demand Justice?

More American Fascism, Exposed!

Rayn: “End the War on Drugs”:
(1 post)

“Land of the Free,” You Say?

Rayn: “Cop Logic”:
(1 post)

Random Checkpoints Are Always Implemented Under the Guise of “Safety”:

Rayn: “Punk Rock Libertarians”:
(1 post)

Statism: Chains You Can Bereave In!

Rayn: “Skeptic Society”:
(1 post)

Voting for More Government:

Rayn: “Voluntaryist Veterans”:
(1 post)

Watching Government Shell Out Billions of Dollars in Tax-Funded “Aid” to Israel, As the Cities of Detroit and Flint Continue to Decay:

Rayn: “Modern slavery hilarious vines”:
(1 post)

Ignore the Herd to Transcend the Gatekeepers:

Rayn: Maybe I can make a good point, here, Johnson, by attempting to start a discussion with you on “immigration,” since it’s one of the topics that this ex-Facebook employee said caused his leftist co-workers to reflexively slap accusations of bigotry onto those in disagreement with them.

Johnson J.: u know…. i dont insult people. It doesnt work anyhow.

J0hnson J.: Daily caller is a Nazi propaganda publication. same people who put out Daily stormer. nothing they say is credible. Simply reposting it would be considered a terrorist act if it were brown people or antifa. Political winds of this kind always change quite suddenly the other way, like right after D-Day for example.

Rayn: As for insults, you wrote, “Right wing is Nazi,” and also insinuated that the right ”yell racial slurs in an ethnic neighborhood.” Yet, the *full scale* of the political spectrum starts with fully-consent-based individual liberty (anarchism), and progresses to fully-coercive, collectivist tyranny (communism & fascism). Under this scale, I’m the farthest right, possible, as a Voluntaryist, embracing my Individual sovereignty, under the Non Aggression Principle. I am anti-political. I don’t believe in victimless crimes, in pre-crime laws, in wars of aggression, in imperialism, in the police state, or any other man-made devices of tyranny and control.

“The True Political Spectrum”

Rayn: To prove my point, here are some of my anti-Nazi articles…

Banking with Hitler – Treasonous Allied Banksters:

IBM Collaborated with Nazis, Used Technology to Process Concentration-Camp-Victim Data During WWII:

New Details Emerge on CIA’s Use of Nazi War Criminals:

U.S. Recruited Nazis More Than [NY Times] Thought, Latest Declassified Papers Show:

Ironically, Ben Stein Shills for Nazi-Collaborating IBM, Then Slanders Ron Paul as “Antisemitic” for Calling US “Occupiers”:

US Marines “Accidentally” Adopt Nazi Flag:

Disobedience and Super-Obedience are Two Major Weapons in the War Against Injustice:

The Relationship Between Democide and Gun Control:

Nazis Were the First to Fluoridate Human Water Supplies:

Debating the Role of Demagoguery in the Holocaust:

Rayn: Here are some of my anti-racism articles…

“Noble” Slave-Mastering, Indigenous-Massacring, White Supremacists Secure “Freedom” for Entire Nation!

George Washington: American Revolutionary, or Slave-Mastering Eugenicist?

Help Induct Christopher Columbus Into Hall of Flames:

The Genocidal Truths Surrounding the So-Called “Discovery” of America:

The Devil HAS ALWAYS Waged War Against the Peaceful!

Discussing State-Funded Eugenics in California, When Latina Women Were Forcibly Sterilizing for Half a Century:

Racist New Jersey Sheriff, Michael Saudino, Resigns:

Racist Chicago Police Chief Jon Burge, Who Tortured 200 Victims, Dead:

With No Surprise, Reuters Poll Finds Hillary Supporters Are Pretty Racist, Too:

The Racist History of America’s “Gun Control” Laws:

Racist History of Missouri Police:

Discussing Department of Homeland Security Trolling Internet with Racist Posts:

Against All Major Evidence to the Contrary, Delusional Democrats Imagine Themselves as Champions of Minority Rights:

But, Without Government, Who Would Institutionalize Racism?

“Because Science” is the Rallying Cry of the Historically-Illiterate:

Behold! “Science” as a Religion!

Brain-Washing and White-Washing are Standard Practice Within Public Education Camps:

Psychiatry is Historically-Rooted in Racism, Oppression, Pseudo-Science, and Propping Up the Power of the State:

The Blatant Racism of Hillary Clinton:

Defend Racial Profiling by Police, or Assert the Right of Innocence Until Proven Guilty?

LAPD Still Racially-Profiling and Falsely Accusing the Innocent:

Ain’t No Half-Steppin’ in the Battle for Freedom!

In Fascist America, State Agents Operate as Armed Fashion Police:

Slave-Mastering, White Supremacist Tyrant in Bad Company, Even When Alone!

Johnson J.: They literally have GOP congressmen flying the Swastika. u have got to be joking.

Rayn: ?

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