America’s Failed “War on Drugs” & CIA Drug-Running Make Business BOOM for the Prison-Industrial Complex

This article was inspired by my correspondence, “Discussing America’s Fallacious War on Drugs, and its Connection to the Prison Industrial Complex“…

Our soldiers are guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan. It’s no secret. Back in 2006, a friend of mine in the Army sent me pictures of British troops doing that exact same thing. Here is one of them:

British Soldier Guarding Poppy Field in Afghanistan

British Soldier Guarding Poppy Field in Afghanistan

And, opium isn’t the only drug our government is dealing in! Remember that CIA plane that went down over the Yucatan two years ago carrying 3.2 TONS OF COCAINE!? Allow me to refresh your memory:

New Document Provides Further Evidence That Owner of Crashed Cocaine Jet Was a U.S. Government Operative:

Cocaine Jet That Crashed in Mexico Part of Cowboy Government Operation, DEA Sources Claim:

We should rename the CIA  from “Central Intelligence Agency” to “Cocaine Importation Agency”!

We are talking about CRIMINAL ENTERPRISING taken even a step above the mafia! Our Federal government, now in control of the once-sovereign States, has effectively enacted a countrywide drug prohibition for the apparent purpose of manufacturing a black market that they know exactly how to corner, and profit from effectively (using the CIA, the DEA, and local police)! And, as an added bonus, they all enjoy using our tax dollars to fund their paramilitary drug SWAT teams, giving them free-range to terrorize us day and night, as they selectively enforce their drug laws on political dissenters , and target “undesirables” for their also-for-profit prison system, while at the same time, destroying their drug-dealing competitors in nations around the world.

Let’s all face the facts. Our laws are broken, and some powerful individuals would like them to stay that way. As a “drug-free” nation, chemical substances are just all-too-easy to access in America, whether it be from the streets, from the shelves at the store, or even the doctor’s prescription pad. With most Americans hooked on one substance or another, have to start to ask ourselves, “why this drug war?,” “who made these laws?” and “what is the cost of it all when doing the math?”

Why does 41% of the populaton admit to trying cannabis at least once?

Why does 41% of the population think that marijuana should be legalized?

Yet, half of all drug arrests are marijuana-related?

And, while marijuana has killed noone in the history of mankind, why do between 15,000 to 20,000 Americans die each year from using ASPIRIN?

And, why do prescription drugs kill 300 percent more Americans than illegal drugs?

These are some harrowing numbers when also considering just how much our money the Federal government uses to maintain all of the “wars” that they conduct. These are also questions we need to answer if we are to truly understand the dynamics at work here!

Some quick math: according to our own laws, and using the above statistics, almost half of of all Americans would be walking around unemployable, with a criminal records, if our system was able to fully deliver “justice” to all cannabis users. Let that sink in, first… Now, ask yourself, “then, who exactly petitioned for these anti-drug laws?”

Our federal agents admittedly spend our tax dollars to purchase kilotons of narcotics that they then sell to other drug dealers, or directly to communities, all around the nation, while reportedly “working undercover” in hopes of gaining the trust of low-level “middle-men,” in an effort to catch “the big criminals.” So, this whole Drug War fiasco obvioiusly isn’t really about eradicating “bad” substances from our communites at all! It is really just a tool of political control, wielded by those in power! And, since they don’t make enough by manufacturing a black market, so they can deal free, seized drugs at skyrocket prices, they would also like to turn their Drug War into a perpetual source of slave labor for Corporate interests seeking to compete with the cheap labor and high production levels of China, and other communist countries using their home turf. Remember, the Prison Industrial Complex is mostly privatized now, and convicts in private prisons can be put to work for 25 cents an hour or less. So, it would make sense to fill jails with productive, functional citizens like marijuana users, rather than dysfunctional, truly criminal, violent offenders. Cannabis users make much better SLAVE-WAGE LABORERS! Research it! The same companies who own the BIGGEST prisons lobbied for (& sucessfully enacted) the mandatory drug sentencing laws & the “three-strikes” rule!

On the Evils of Privatizing America’s Prison System:

Prison Privatization and the Prison Boom:

According to a November 2006 U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Statistics Report, entitled “Prisoners in 2005,” in 2005, the United States has the highest documented incarceration rate in the world at 738 persons in prison or jail per 100,000.

Freedom Watch: Jailhouse Bloc
The real reason law-and-order types love mandatory minimum sentencing? It’s money in their pocket.

The Prison Industry in the United States: Big Business or New Form of Slave Labor?

The Next Best Thing to Slaves:

Slavery and Prison: Understanding the Connection:

UCLA Fights to End Racial Inequity and Harshness in Cocaine Sentencing:

The “War on Drugs” is a racket! It all amounts to money in the pockets of the true criminals – those who call themselves our “leaders,” our CEOs, our CIA, our DEA, our drug companies, our judges and our police! At least when low-life drug-lords operate their “businesses” in third world countries, they don’t pretend they are working for the villages that they are terrorizing, pillaging and murdering within! Instead, they pay off the police! Criminal “drug dealers” don’t have the power to create laws that protect their violations of human rights!

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