1% Circle Jerk

The following debate originally took place on my Facebook wall…

Walking Billboard for Big Pharma, Dolly Parton

Rayn: Dolly Parton Receives $100 Million Bezos Courage and Civility Award:

807 shares? The peasants are actually celebrating this 1% circle jerk?

Ricki D.: “The award recognizes ‘leaders who aim high, find solutions and who always do it with civility,’ granting them the money to direct to the charity they see fit, Sanchez said Saturday evening.”

Dolly herself isn’t keeping the money, it will go to one of the many charities she’s already involved with..

Rayn: The 1% run so many charities, yet deliver so few results… It remains to be seen whether Dolly Parton will give some more millions of dollars to the Vanderbilts, again. Only time will tell. But, if history is any indicator…

In June of 2022…

Dolly Parton Donates $1 Million to Pediatric Infectious Disease Research at Vanderbilt University Medical Center:

In April of 2020…

Dolly Parton Donates $1 Million Toward Coronavirus Research at Vanderbilt University:

In October of 2017…

Dolly Parton Donates $1 Million to Vanderbilt University Children’s Hospital:

Like George Carlin said, “it’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.”

Then, there’s this gem…

Dolly Parton’s Vanderbilt Donation Supported Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccine (Nov. 2020):

Parton’s just a humble humanitarian, helping lowly career-criminal chemical corporations make an honest killing, poisoning the blood of billions, worldwide!

And, lest we forget, Parton also got herself the lab-rat-jab, right on camera, for all the peasants to see. No surprise, there, though, since she has been a walking billboard for Big Pharma, throughout most of her career. This began with her first role as a veritable mainstream postergirl for breast augmentation. She was a very influential component in the “entertainment industry’s” highly-profitable goal of culturally debasing and spiritually corrupting the youth, and her shameless promotion of extreme and permanent cosmetic enhancements, for the sake of “sex appeal,” continues to enrich and expand the medical community, to this day. Meanwhile, Parton has become so unhealthily obsessed with distorting her own appearance, she cannot see the true reality of how horribly grotesque her many modifications have left her. The more desperately that Parton clings to her youth, the more pathologically and pathetically hideous the results. She legit looks like she got a face-transplant from a cadaver. It’s amazing that the butchers who carved Parton into this abominable meat-masked monstrosity aren’t being blamed, shamed, nor defamed, whatsoever, for their very apparent crime of practicing medicine without a conscience.

Fully Exposing the Child-Grooming Agenda of ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’

The following debate originally took place here, on the Facebook wall of fellow Voluntaryist, Parrish Miller…

Parrish: The article linked in the comments below is a lengthy one, but Christopher Rufo’s meticulous research shines much needed light on the dark forces that have long sought to normalize pedophilia and destroy the foundations of Western society.

“Christopher F. Rufo: I spent a month digging into the real story behind Drag Queen Story Hour. It’s the culmination of a 40-year campaign to destigmatize adult-child sexuality and create a “site of queer pleasure” for make transvestites and kids. It’s worse than you think.”

Parrish: The Real Story Behind Drag Queen Story Hour:

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Vivisection and Dismemberment of Unborn for ‘Crime’ of Being Unwanted Constitutes Cruel and Unusual Punishment

The following debate originally took place upon my post, “Pro-Choice is a Cowardly Excuse for Murdering the Most Voiceless and Vulnerable Members of Humanity“…

Rayn: Pro-choice is a weak excuse for lawless, unrepentant, hypocritical murderous intent against the most voiceless and vulnerable members of humanity. Disableds and Poors deserve to live, too, you hard-hearted, cold-blooded lizard! Those who believe otherwise are the real low-born, low-class, low-empathy, low-vibe, low-lives, on our planet. Those who value their comfort in this temporary material world more than the self-sustaining, self-renewing, self-replicating Eternal Father Spirit blot their own Names out of the Book of Life!

Jeff T.: I think you need a chill pill.

Rayn: Indeed. This soon-to-be mother looks like she could use a relaxing break from “politics”…

Jeff T.: As far as Im concerned a baby growing inside a woman without her permission (accidental pregnancy or rape) is similar to an intruder in ones house. Deadly force is justified, and warranted. Especially considering how many woman die during birth or pregnancy in general.

Honestly we need to just start making our kids in pitri dishes already. Kinda kidding on that one lol

Rayn: You present a false analogy. As far as I’m concerned, a baby growing inside a woman who was raped is similar to an infant stowaway. Deadly force is not justified, nor warranted. According to American case law, a boat company cannot eject a stowaway from their craft, into the water, mid-trip, a train company cannot eject a stowaway from a moving train, mid-trip, and a plane company cannot eject a stowaway, mid-flight. The reason is because it would mean certain death, and trespassing, alone, is not a death sentence crime. Stowaways must be safely returned to dry land, then be charged with trespassing. These companies cannot jettison even unruly passengers from their crafts, mid-trip. Offenders must be sequestered for arrest, to be concluded upon docking or landing. Also, according to American case law, a landlord cannot even evict a non-paying tenant, if that tenant is plugged up to life support machines, until that tenant is safely placed in an alternative location. Meanwhile, babies who are conceived through rape are still as innocent as their rape-victimized mother, and hence, deserve to keep their precious sacred lives. And, babies should not be evicted from their mother’s womb as “trespassers” until they can safely exist, outside of the womb.

Would you be willing to eject a baby stowaway or child stowaway from your car, mid-trip, simply because the infant is “trespassing”? According to American case law, such a response would constitute a crime.

Jeff T.: Rayn, equating a fetus with a stowaway is no where near accurate

A stowaway creates no risk to a vessel. Pregnancy can kill the mother.

Also once a stowaway leaves the vessel, no damage or scarring was done to the vessel. The process of child birth is insane to say the least. Rarely do women go through with it without repercussions.

Try again

Also, why do you want genetic copies of rapists going around?

Rayn: Stowaways have spend months, hiding away, on long ship voyages. And, before they were discovered, they caused plenty of damage to cargo and even the ship, when found hiding in the rudders section. Exposed stowaways have attacked and even killed ship crew members who attempted to apprehend them. Exposed stowaways once burned the ship they were on down to escape, after being imprisoned in the holding area by crew. In another case, exposed stowaways banded together and hijacked the entire ship. The issues that stowaways cause regarding security and safety of crew and vessel, scheduling delays and detours, legal costs, and government fines and fees are enough to destroy any business not prepared to approach the matter, with a proactively preventative position, since the human rights of stowaways, much like prisoners, demand that they be fed and safely transported to shore, for legal processing…

Stowaways on Ships a Continuous Problem for Carriers:

Even serial killers aren’t executed through medical vivisection and fatal dismemberment. So, why are unborn “trespasser” treated to such cruel and unusual punishment for their “crime” of being unwanted? How about we all “try again” about this issue, since it’s a crime against humanity?

Protecting innocent human life from harm is always justified. If unborn child places innocent mother in clear and present danger of fatal injury during pregnancy, then mother must be protected from unborn child. And, such a mother noticeably instinctively protects her unborn child’s right to a natural death – completely devoid of vivisection and dismemberment. Many women, even here on Facebook, have shared their experiences as grieving mothers of such children – including pictures of the tiny undisturbed bodies of their deceased unborn babies, who incurred no physical damage during their extraction from mother.

Overall, I suspect that your abortion position doesn’t actually represent the women you imagine it does…

Jeff T.: Ah I see whats going on here

You have a chip against the kinds of people that typically need abortions the most, so youd like to imprison them to use them as slaves

You know, just like when slavery was “abolished” here in the states, so they added prison slavery to make up for the difference in needed labor to build much of our country

And to add injury to insult they outlawed weed and added a shit ton of dumb laws to keep the cells stocked

Its ok to be racist, theirs plenty of groups like the nazis for you to join!

You know the earth is flat too right!!!

Rayn: Jeff, you have zero evidence to support your baseless accusations against me. Your Strawman Arguments only expose your inability to justify the vivisection and dismemberment of unwanted unborn for the crime of “trespassing.”

Jeff T.: Rayn, just calling you out, cause theres a large lack of logic in your ideals

You see, for some reason, you consider the fetus’s right to life more important than the woman.

So there must be something going on behind the scenes with your stance.

Maybe emotional, religious, political?

I dont know, I figured Id take a guess.

One thing is for sure!!!

Im unhinged for spending the time to debate/argue with you, and you’re unhinged for doing the same!!!!

Misery loves company right!!!

Rayn: Actually, you called yourself out, Jeff… as illogical and incapable of engaging in legitimate discourse. You cling to multiple fallacious strawman arguments you invented from thin air, instead of addressing my actual position.

As for your latest strawman fallacy, another transparent effort to distort my position into a caricature of my original statements, I already stated the following, here, yesterday:

“Protecting innocent human life from harm is always justified. If unborn child places innocent mother in clear and present danger of fatal injury during pregnancy, then mother must be protected from unborn child.”

Jeff T.: lol then why are you spouting off all this crap about how abortions are horrible?

Only to then prove yourself full if shit, because ALL pregnancies present clear and present danger lol

The bell curve applies to MMR ya know!

You know math and stuff

Such that very few women die during it, many woman have issues from it, and few women come out unscathed.

Also, what ever happened to “my body my choice” are you also on par with forcing vaccines? You know cause the feds are in no way influenced by pharmaceutical companies or an elite class hell bent on bringing direct slavery back. They are tired of having to pretend its gone.

Have you read a book or watched any good movies/shows lately? Like Handmaids Tale, Brave New World, Schindler’s List, where do you think they come up with the content?… History!!!

Womens rights!?! What a dumb idea, voting rights psssh, land ownership rights please, did you know they can now have their own bank accounts?!?!

Whats the world coming to!!!!

Maybe we should go all leather face/Chainsaw Massacre on them, cut off their limbs all together and keep them under the bed!

All Im trying to colorfully say is women should be the final arbiter of whats going on with their body.

Not your religion

Not your opinion

Not a fetus


Now what I can understand being placed into law, is that if she cant find a doctor to assist, then she will have to do it alone.

As no professional in any field should be forced to do something they dont want to.

This includes bakeries too… 😉

Rayn: Jeff, I wrote that medical vivisection and fatal dismemberment of unwanted unborn human beings constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. I also wrote that this alleged crime of “trespassing” you accuse the unborn of committing is not even a crime worthy of a death sentence, for any other such offender, in our society.

“My body, my choice” protects both mother and unborn child. Hence, as I previously stated, twice, here: “if unborn child places innocent mother in clear and present danger of fatal injury during pregnancy, then mother must be protected from unborn child.” Your attempt to conflate pregnancy with labor exhibits your biological illiteracy. Pregnancy, in itself, is not high-risk. A quarter of conceptions result in early miscarriage. Women actually diagnosed with a “high-risk” pregnancy know this difference, well, especially since many had multiple pregnancies, in between, that were “normal.” Being placenta previa, in the womb, I was a “high risk pregnancy,” myself. There were many complications, involved, and multiple discussions with doctors about the possibility of my being prematurely induced, due to my growing over 10 lbs.in size and straining my mother’s kidneys. She endured chronic kidney infections, and even visited the ER due to long bouts of uncontrollable vomiting…

As for your latest strawmen arguments, I’m genetically and physiologically a woman. I’m also a mother to a disabled child. I defend equal human rights for all. As a disabled individual, myself, I also speak for the vulnerable and voiceless. It’s my job, in every way… I don’t need a lesson from fiction like a Handmaid’s Tale, because I’m very well-versed in the history eugenics. My writing resume speaks for itself, and I’ll provide many examples of my works, after this post…

As for hiding in a booth to anonymously vote-beg 1% career-criminals to personally show me mercy, while they systematically abuse humanity with the various institutions they force us to pay for… Recognize that Voluntaryist is My Middle Name. As a matter of principle (and contract law), I publicly witness against the State as having no legitimate No Consent from the Governed, exposing the fact that Statism is a Religion and even worse than that, Statism Is A Cult! In Truth, Statism is a disease on humankind! Democracy is not consent. Voting is violence. All human authority is an illusion. Natural law trumps any lie a man could ever even hope to tell about the Nature of Consciousness, energy and frequency, nor the mathematical laws that guide these forces.

Jeff T.: I got bored reading your response at first so I resorted to skimming instead.

Then I saw your rant and had to go back to re read everything to begin with!

agree with you about pretty much everything you stand for btw.

Except the whole abortion thing, but I can forgive you for that! Especially since you recognize our deep state is running/ruining the entire world. Where democracy is used to make mob-rule a legal affair. Add some fiat currency and media control and youve got the masses by the proverbial balls.

Damion S.: Well said, homie! 🔥🔥🔥 Life is precious.

Completely Eviscerating the Contrived Outrage of an Ignorant and Hypocritical Voting Slob

The following debate originally took place upon my Facebook wall after I shared a meme from here


“Hi, I’m “Russia massacred civilians in Buxha.” You may knife me from “Saddam has WMDs” and “Assad gassed his own people.”

Michael S.: I’m blocking you. I can’t be friends or acquaintances with a person who is willing to make fun of war crimes. Even if they have doubts about them. Its completely inhumane to do so. Yes, I understand that you have a right to do so. Guess what? Germans had a right to elect Hitler as German Chancellor as well. You need to use common sense as well.

Rayn: Michael, you voted for the two war criminals, Obama, and Biden, making you a pathetically laughable, hypocritical clown. Also, the meme I shared doesn’t “make fun of war crimes,” you ignorant, tone-deaf voting slob. It skeptically questions the latest propaganda being spread by the lying, thieving, mass-murdering, civilian-bombing, imperialist, war-criminal US government, and their pet puppet in the Ukraine – especially in consideration of the fact that the US is currently committing crimes against humanity in more than nine sovereign foreign nations throughout the Middle East and Africa, after lying their way into the initial conflict, using the provably-false “WMD” excuse.

Of course, I’ve been very publicly against all of America’s wars for almost two decades, now, while you were busy voting for war criminals to mass murder brown women and children in Arab and African nations. So, please spare me your contrived outrage. You have zero integrity, and zero credibility. To mention your “sacred” Statist voting ritual in any analogy relating to me is further evidence that you’re just a completely peripheral NPC, in my life. I’ve told you half a dozen times in Facebook debates with you that I’m a Voluntaryist, and I view voting as violence, if it’s not unanimous. Majority voting is not a right. It’s a coercive and criminal act.

Your exit is of no consequence to me. Good riddance! 👋🏼 😺

Exposing Actors Who Play ‘$cientists’ on TV

The following debate originally took place upon my Facebook wall, after I posted a infographic from here…


“Do you know why these two are invited to the Emmys? Newscaster they are both actors.”

Rick R.: What do they espouse that is not science though?

Rayn: Exhibit A:

My Sex Junk – Rachel Bloom – Bill Nye Saves the Universe:

Rick R.: What else?

Rick R.: How about; man made climate change, mixed economies, evolution and heliocentrism?

Rayn: Exhibit B:

Earth is Shaped Like a Pear Now – Tyson Neille deGrasse:

Rick R.: This is the official scientific consensus atm though

Rayn: Exhibit C:

Neil DeGrasse Tyson posted the following to his Facebook wall: “Science is true whether or not you believe in it.”…


Rayn: After Tyson’s post showed up on my news feed as “sponsored,” I replied with the following:

“‘ScIeNcE iS tRuE wHeThEr Or NoT yOu BeLiEvE iT.’

Scientism is a helluva drug! No school of thought or ideology is immune to corruption. The destruction that overzealous control-freaks and power-hungry tyrants can wreak on a sleep-walking humanity “is as boundless as the dark” they operate in when they commit their crimes against humanity!

#BlackHerstory:: In the 19th century, the father of modern gynecology, J. Marion Sims, conducted his research experiments on enslaved Black women. Sims performed the invasive and torturous procedures without anesthesia. J. Marion Sims’ justification for choosing not to anesthetize his test subjects was that he did not believe Black women felt pain at all. In an 1857 lecture, he stated that it was ‘not painful enough to justify the trouble’.”


The next morning, my comment was removed, under the claim that it “goes against [FB] community standards on SPAM.” I immediately appealed the decision, but in the meantime, my post isn’t visible…

Rick R.: so is reality absolute or not?

Rayn: Science is not reality. It’s a method of study. And, “$cience” is just a corporate racketeering operation. Reality exists, “whether or not we study it,” (to borrow a phrase from the clown, DeGrasse). 😉

Michael S.: Yes, because it is true. Just because people aren’t smart enough to understand or recognize information doesn’t make it false by any means. For example, religious people didn’t recognize evolution during the early 20th century. When Einstein revolutionized physics with his discoveries, even the Nobel Committee only understood his simplest theory. Physicists only began to be able to prove Einstein’s most difficult theories and discoveries in recent years.

Rayn: Cool story, bro! 😎 However, your effort to twist my position into an easily-disprovable strawman distraction, for you to amuse yourself with by attacking, in a vulgar public display of self-stimulation is both pathetic and repulsive. And, this isn’t even the first time you’ve scrawled this type of graffiti on my Facebook wall… Why don’t you go masturbate your ego on your own FB wall? Or, do you prefer the larger audience that my FB wall affords you?

My individual positions are incorruptible by your lack of desire to understand them. I’ve been hosting, posting and publishing my writings for over a decade – creating a long and lengthy public record of my views, online – and, making it virtually impossible for jokers and trolls to distort them…

Behold! “Science” as a Religion!

From article:

“Human sacrifice in the pursuit of knowledge has taken place so many more times in the field of medicine than most ‘science-lovers’ would ever dare admit to… that is, if they’ve even bothered looking into the topic! They simply cannot admit that science is merely *knowledge*, alone – not wisdom, not understanding, and most DEFINITELY not morality! And, this represents just ONE of the many reasons that science is NOT EVEN CLOSE to being a single line of forward-moving progress towards ‘truth,’ as many of those Individuals raised up on State education have been led to believe. Science is much better understood as a living tree of DATA, networked in a jumbled, overlapping, bush of branches – with many thriving in the light, while some mold in the ground, wither in the shade, and rot from pestilence. Such a system is in need of constant trimming using the ‘scientific method,’ and shall forever remain rife with conflicting theories and viewpoints that will often take more than a century for humanity to resolve, if never!”

Michael S.: Look, you have a right to your opinion, as strange as I might think it is. I also have a right to my opinion as well, since we live in a democracy. Therefore, if you dislike my replies that much, please feel free to unfriend or block me on social media. I really won’t mind it because we aren’t close anyhow. That being said, I can post this sort of reply if I would like to. If you are going to be friends with non-libertarian, you will also need to learn to accept non-libertarian views as well.

Rayn: Distorting my position to attack it is what earns you my repulsion. Whatever your “non-libertarian” opinions might be, they are irrelevant to my ever-increasing distaste for your communication style with me upon my Facebook wall. As far as your advice about unfriending, I suggest you consider taking it, for yourself, as your words have long-indicate that you are only interested in conflict with me, due to my lack of faith in The Most Dangerous Superstition. But, I can prove that Statism is a Religion, much like $cientism, while dually-duped-adherents, like yourself, are unable “to recognize [freedom] during [any given century]” (to paraphrase a quote from you).