1% Circle Jerk

The following debate took place on my Facebook wall…

Walking Billboard for Big Pharma, Dolly Parton

Rayn: Dolly Parton Receives $100 Million Bezos Courage and Civility Award:

807 shares? The peasants are actually celebrating this 1% circle jerk?

Ricki D.: “The award recognizes ‘leaders who aim high, find solutions and who always do it with civility,’ granting them the money to direct to the charity they see fit, Sanchez said Saturday evening.”

Dolly herself isn’t keeping the money, it will go to one of the many charities she’s already involved with..

Rayn: The 1% run so many charities, yet deliver so few results… It remains to be seen whether Dolly Parton will give some more millions of dollars to the Vanderbilts, again. Only time will tell. But, if history is any indicator…

In June of 2022…

Dolly Parton Donates $1 Million to Pediatric Infectious Disease Research at Vanderbilt University Medical Center:

In April of 2020…

Dolly Parton Donates $1 Million Toward Coronavirus Research at Vanderbilt University:

In October of 2017…

Dolly Parton Donates $1 Million to Vanderbilt University Children’s Hospital:

Like George Carlin said, “it’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.”

Then, there’s this gem…

Dolly Parton’s Vanderbilt Donation Supported Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccine (Nov. 2020):

Parton’s just a humble humanitarian, helping lowly career-criminal chemical corporations make an honest killing, poisoning the blood of billions, worldwide!

And, lest we forget, Parton also got herself the lab-rat-jab, right on camera, for all the peasants to see. No surprise, there, though, since she has been a walking billboard for Big Pharma, throughout most of her career. This began with her first role as a veritable mainstream postergirl for breast augmentation. She was a very influential component in the “entertainment industry’s” highly-profitable goal of culturally debasing and spiritually corrupting the youth, and her shameless promotion of extreme and permanent cosmetic enhancements, for the sake of “sex appeal,” continues to enrich and expand the medical community, to this day. Meanwhile, Parton has become so unhealthily obsessed with distorting her own appearance, she cannot see the true reality of how horribly grotesque her many modifications have left her. The more desperately that Parton clings to her youth, the more pathologically and pathetically hideous the results. She legit looks like she got a face-transplant from a cadaver. It’s amazing that the butchers who carved Parton into this abominable meat-masked monstrosity aren’t being blamed, shamed, nor defamed, whatsoever, for their very apparent crime of practicing medicine without a conscience.

Fully Exposing the Child-Grooming Agenda of ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’

The following debate took place here, on the Facebook wall of fellow Voluntaryist, Parrish Miller…

Parrish: The article linked in the comments below is a lengthy one, but Christopher Rufo’s meticulous research shines much needed light on the dark forces that have long sought to normalize pedophilia and destroy the foundations of Western society.

“Christopher F. Rufo: I spent a month digging into the real story behind Drag Queen Story Hour. It’s the culmination of a 40-year campaign to destigmatize adult-child sexuality and create a “site of queer pleasure” for make transvestites and kids. It’s worse than you think.”

Parrish: The Real Story Behind Drag Queen Story Hour:

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COVID-19 Vaccine Technology Contains RFID Tracking Microchip on Syringe

The following correspondence took place on the Facebook wall of my friend, Wendy P…

Wendy: Zoom in, the orange cap is still on.

Brian L.: I think it’s part of the syringe… some quick googling, found a needle for sale exactly like that: https://serfinitymedical.com/products/needle-pro-syringe-with-hypodermic-needle-3-ml-25-gauge-1-inch-detachable-needle-safety-hinged-needle-smiths-medical-4238

Wendy: Can you find a video of Pelosi getting the shot? I haven’t found one.
There is a video of Pence getting the shot.

Brian L.: Wendy, no, I was looking too

Brian L.: And 2m10s in: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/covid-vaccine-pelosi-mcconell/

Brian L.: Here too: https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/2020/12/10231052/healthcare-workers-covid-vaccine-videos

Rebekah P.: She doesn’t really want the shot since she has converted to Rastafarianism, as her bracelet indicates

Rayn: Here’s a photo of the entire syringe, including the needle end.

Rayn: The syringe is likely an ApiJect Prefilled Injector. It’s a newer technology, created for more efficient vaccine delivery. The system contains an RFID tracking microchip on the outside of it…


According to the homepage of the company’s website: “That’s why the U.S. Government is working with ApiJect to fill and finish COVID-19 vaccine and therapeutics as part of U.S. pandemic response.

We’re proud to partner with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Department of Defense to strengthen America’s medical supply chain on U.S. soil.”


The mainstream media monopoly didn’t seem to think that Americans would find the COVID-19 RFID tracking syringes to be very newsworthy. Of course, independent journalists began to report about it, and as usual, the glaring omission of the story by the MSM helped to fuel speculation by those who did manage to learn about it, anyway, that there must be a sinister agenda for the media blackout. Then, the MSM dutifully, ironically fact-checked the worst of the speculation that they helped fuel, in order to get ahead of the myth, and still appear “journalistic.”

VERIFY: COVID-19 Vaccine Syringes to Have Trackers on the Outside, Not in Vaccine:

Brian L.: Rayn, every step in the delivery has tracking and temperature checks. Maybe not reported on until recently, but that’s not surprising in the slightest. Interview with the guy from UPS who’s overseeing distribution: https://www.npr.org/2020/12/13/946098403/ups-healthcare-president-on-leading-a-historic-vaccine-delivery-effort

Rayn: You might not find the RFID tracking technology on the COVID vaccines to be “surprising in the slightest,” Brian, but you certainly didn’t mention the topic, yourself, until I shared the relevant links – which indicates that you were likely unaware of it. And, your lack of surprise didn’t seem to help you any better identify the tracking syringe Big Pharma is using on the public, even with your quick Google search… In the end, surprise is an emotion. Feeling it, or not, about the topic, has no real bearing on the information, at hand, nor does it facilitate to the ability to understand it, any better, from what I can tell, so far…

I’ve been surveying dozens of individuals, of all three political persuasions, about the COVID RFID tracking syringes. So far, I’ve not met even one who knew about it before I informed them – and, the majority have higher education in their resume. My second survey, on the public’s knowledge and understanding of the new mRNA technology being used in the COVID vaccines, has revealed some very troubling trends about the American public, and their toxic relationship with the corporate-owned mainstream media monopoly. These are very interesting times, indeed!

Wendy: It is so surprising that people with college degrees, speaking for myself here too, fall for the corporate/political elite agenda. We have been taught to obey authority from childhood. It gets worse with many students to 1 teacher.
But I do have to say, that we are in info wars and there are deliberate attempts to cause confusion. I’ve seen websites that look almost identical to what I would consider “trusted” sources. I am now cross checking and the sad part is, I don’t have enough time to do this with kids at home during a pandemic. We have to use more of our brain power, read, read, synthsize, analyze, and form our own, as best as we can, informed conclusions.

Brian: You might not find the RFID trackingI didn’t mention it because that wasn’t the topic of discussion. Wendy was asking if the cap was still on.

Rayn: Hmm… The topic of discussion was the “orange cap” located at the top of the needle end of the syringe used to deliver Pelosi’s COVID vaccine, Brian. You replied with an attempt to identify the type of syringe used, based on its mysterious orange end. I replied by providing links that prove the orange device near the top of the syringe’s needle to be part of a newer RFID tracking technology contained on the outside of the COVID vaccine delivery system. It is 100% “on topic,” as far as Wendy’s original post goes, as well as the comments section that follows it…

Wendy: Well, I am not taking it and my kids won’t either. Too many shady things are revealing the menacing nature of government and corporations, and money hungry businesses like big pharma. I’ll just have someone sneeze on me and continue taking care of my health and my family as best I could, like I have been trying to pre-pandemic.

Exposing the Oral Polio Vaccine, Which Continues to Cause More Paralysis Than Wild Strain

The following debate took place on my Facebook wall…


“In 2011 alone, the Bill and Melinda Gates’ polio vaccine campaign in India caused 47,500 cases of paralysis & death.

Daciano: wait what?

Kevin B.: No one is paralyzed by the vaccine. They got polio same way as anyone else does. It’s just the genetics of their infection show the virus that infected them started as inactive vaccine and mutated into active form followed by evacuation in a bowel movement.

Rayn: That’s patently false, Kevin. It’s been happening, from the very beginning…

Tainted Cutter Polio Vaccine Killed and Paralyzed Children…
If the paywall is up, there, here’s another article about it…
When Polio Vaccine Backfired – Tainted Batches Killed 10 Children and Paralyzed 164:
Rayn: Instead of spreading disinformation for the pharmaceutical industry, Kevin, why don’t you read the following articles, about the Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV), which has since been discontinued for use in the United States (but, only since 2000) – and, yet, is pushed upon unsuspecting third world countries by the UN, through the World Health Organization (WHO) and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation?
Start here:
Vaccine-Associated Paralytic Polio (VAPP) and Vaccine-Derived Poliovirus (VDPV):
Rayn: Vaccine-Induced Paralysis Calls for Action, Says Study:
Rayn: More Current Polio Cases Have Been Caused by Vaccines than the Wild Virus: WHO Report:
Rayn: Incidence of Polio Among Vaccinated Children Alarms Govt:
Rayn: This isn’t isolated to India, as Africa is also experiencing a similar phenomenon…
Rayn: More, in Africa, too…

The Salty, Bitter Flavor of Ground Troll Meat

The following debate took place upon my Facebook wall…

Rayn: Our Immune Systems Can Cope With COVID-19 – It’s Our Politicians Who Can’t https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/nov/15/immune-systems-covid-19-politicians-virus

Kevin B.: When you read the headline but not the article

Rayn: Is that what you were trained to do in your formal “education” camp? ?

Kevin B.: Rayn, that’s what you clearly just did. Unless you are pushing the safety of vaccines now. The author is saying COVID vaccines will be effective. The politicians she’s referring to are the same lockdown-skeptical ones you promote.

Rayn: Kevin… Try again, clown. Only in your smug, arrogant, presumptuous fantasies did I “clearly” do anything more than share with my Facebook friends yet another informative mainstream media monopoly article about COVID, and the current progress of BigPharma’s legal-liability-free experimental vaccination that the Federal government is fast-tracking onto the public, at large, much like I’ve been sharing to my FB wall, all along, since the COVID panic began. And, I will continue to do so, in spite of your pathologically pathetic effort to twist my positions into easily-disprovable strawmen distractions, for you to amuse yourself with, attacking, in a vulgar public display of self-stimulation.

Disgusting… Why don’t you go masturbate your ego on your own FB wall? Or, do you prefer the larger audience that mine affords you? ?

Apparently, like most Statists, you find it intellectually safer and easier to simply make up my viewpoints for me, then argue with yourself about it, rather than to learn my positions, for yourself, and respond, accordingly. How slippery of you…

In reality, you don’t even remotely know me, bruh, and pretending you do only exposes you as total fraudster. I’m a Voluntaryist, guided by logic, love, principles, and peace, towards Self-Ownership, Non-Aggression, and Informed Consent. I have voted “no confidence” for the last twenty years worth of American elections, genius. Your claim that I promote “lockdown skeptical [politicians]” is just a complete and total lie, predicated upon your willful ignorance.

To me, voting for politicians is a dangerous superstition, and an act of political oppression. When a so-called “majority party” seeks for legal enforcement their arbitrary political opinions upon all of the minority groups living among them, through use of the State’s monopoly on violence, a massive injustice is being protected by color of law. Besides, I don’t support war criminals, nor the political terrorists who promote the “War on Drugs” and the “War on Terrorism,” anyway!

Your various posts to my Facebook wall, lately, are like crudely-scrawled graffiti, to me. I’ve only entertained your toxic pattern of directed [mis]”communications” at me, so far, because I occasionally enjoy the salty, bitter flavor of ground troll meat. Tastes just like victory! In feeding your need for attention, I’ve just been fattening you up for the proverbial slaughter. Game over, joker!