Government is a Legally-Protected Guarantee of Criminality

Former Chicago Police Commander Burge

Cop Ties Bag Over Man’s Head, Calls Him “N*gger” and Tases His Genitals, Gets to Keep Pension:

My Commentary: “Anarchy is no guarantee that some people won’t kill, injure, kidnap, defraud, or steal from others. Government is a [legally-protected] guarantee that some will.” – Gustave de Molinari

Statism. Not even once.

Statists Actually Consider Anarchy “Utopian”?

As I scrolled the Facebook wall of The Monopoly on Force, I discovered the following artwork here

“Statism is the utopian ideal that just right amount of violence used by just the right amount of people in just the right way can perfect society.”

My Commentary: Come again, Statheist? Did you really just call anarchy a “naive,” “utopian” ideal? With a straight face, and not a hint of irony, too? Ha!

At least anarchy is the natural-borne state of humanity, and doesn’t require the enactment of force upon the innocent and the peaceful, nor a monopoly on violence in order to apply to society, much unlike the Statist cult religion you have so much mindless, unwavering faith in! As a matter of fact, it takes the daily, relentless, gratuitous violence of the genocidal death-system you hold so dear to initiate aggression against, and subdue, a stateless society into the soul-crushing subjugation your whole-heartedly worship!

Keep petitioning your Lord and Savior, Big Government, in prayer, Cult Material! Waste your time voting, and call your congressman, begging for “change”! Humanity needs just a few more laws, passed by the professionally-lying, sociopathic, criminal-minded, morally-bankrupt pathocrats you bow to, and we’ll finally live in peaceful bliss! :)

Racial Profiling in North Carolina

Upon posting the following article to my Facebook wall, a debate ensued…

Police Victim, DeShawn Currie

Black Teen With White Parents Mistaken For Burglar, Assaulted By Cops In His Own Home:

(FreeThoughtProject) A North Carolina teen was recently assaulted and pepper sprayed by police in his own home, after he was mistaken for a burglar.  18-year-old DeShawn Currie has been living with foster parents Ricky and Stacy Tyler in Wake County, North Carolina for about a year.

The Tylers love DeShawn as their own son and they have taken him into their home, in hopes to provide him the safe and loving environment that he needs to thrive in the most important years of his life.

Unfortunately, some of the Tyler’s neighbors were not familiar with the family dynamics of the home, and decided to call the police to report a burglary when they saw the young man entering his home after school one day.  DeShawn did not climb through a window or struggle to get inside, but simply walked through the unlocked door of the home.  The only thing that actually made his neighbors suspicious, was the color of his skin.

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Stacie G.I’m not worried about criminals. I lock my door behind me to keep the police out.

Aspie Portugalwait? they are right…it’s not common 2 white people with black sons…they could not let the house be robbed just with fear of seeming racist. The thing was solved, he was not accused of anything so what is the problem?

RaynAspie Portugal, the cops are wrong. They falsely accused this youth of burglarizing his own house simply because he returned from school, and walked through his unlocked front door. Then, even after the young man explained that the home was, in fact, his residence, the cops just dismissed him as a liar, noting that his brown skin did not match the pale-skinned pictures on the wall. Police then PEPPER-SPRAYED THE YOUNG MAN IN THE FACE – all for the non-crime of entering his home! As the story reveals, the youth was not even close to afforded the right of innocence until proven guilty, and no legitimate investigation was taken on by police before they eagerly deployed tax-funded State violence as the solution to this non-situation.

Basically, this young man was racially profiled by neighbors, then by the police, all while falsely accused of criminal activity, only to be assaulted by State agents with chemical weaponry… AND, HE WAS COMPLETELY INNOCENT!

You call that “solved”? And, you claim that the youth was “not accused of anything”? These statements are completely inaccurate. Please re-read the story above more carefully if you want to understand, “what is the problem?”

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In the Past Two Weeks, Israel’s Government Has Massacred Nearly 600 Gazan Civilians, Because… Terrorism!

Latest Gazan Fatalities, according to United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), as reported by their Facebook page, here

According to the latest figures from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Israeli military forces have killed an estimated 789 Gazans since their July 7th launch of Operation “Protective Edge.” About 73% of this total represents civilian casualties. In other words, approximately 578 civilians have been murdered by Israel’s government so far, with about 185 of that total being children, and 93 being women, which together represent 48% of all civilian deaths…

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs – Gaza Crisis:

Sadly, these numbers reveal that the world’s “Most Moral Army” has snuffed out the lives of more children than it has killed Hamas “militants” in its latest war-criminal adventures inside Gaza! Gazan youths represent about one quarter of the Israeli governments total killings, and almost one third of their total civilian murder victims!

Israel’s Offensive in Gaza has ‘Killed More Children than Fighters’, Say Human Rights Groups:

‘No Safe Place for Civilians’ in Gaza, United Nations Says:

Israel’s Gaza Offensive Has Killed Child Every Hour for Two Days:

Israel’s government is executing a full-scale massacre of purely cowardly proportions – to the welcoming cheers of celebrating Israeli audiences, in some cases!

Israel-Gaza Conflict: ‘Sderot Cinema’ Image Shows Israelis with Popcorn and Chairs ‘Cheering as Missiles Strike Palestinian Targets’:

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Beware of Pro-Government Extremists With Badges!

As I scrolled the Facebook wall of TRUTHgasm, I discovered the following artwork here

“Remember, without government… there would be chaos!”

My Commentary: No joke. When PRO-government extremists terrorize our communities, we actually call it “law enforcement”…

What up, Stockholm Syndrome?