In the Past Two Weeks, Israel’s Government Has Massacred Nearly 600 Gazan Civilians, Because… Terrorism!

Latest Gazan Fatalities, according to United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)

According to the latest figures from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Israeli military forces have killed an estimated 789 Gazans since their July 7th launch of Operation “Protective Edge.” About 73% of this total represents civilian casualties. In other words, approximately 578 civilians have been murdered by Israel’s government so far, with about 185 of that total being children, and 93 being women, which together represent 48% of all civilian deaths…

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs – Gaza Crisis:

Sadly, these numbers reveal that the world’s “Most Moral Army” has snuffed out the lives of more children than it has killed Hamas “militants” in its latest war-criminal adventures inside Gaza! Gazan youths represent about one quarter of the Israeli governments total killings, and almost one third of their total civilian murder victims!

Israel’s Offensive in Gaza has ‘Killed More Children than Fighters’, Say Human Rights Groups:

‘No Safe Place for Civilians’ in Gaza, United Nations Says:

Israel’s Gaza Offensive Has Killed Child Every Hour for Two Days:

Israel’s government is executing a full-scale massacre of purely cowardly proportions – to the welcoming cheers of celebrating Israeli audiences, in some cases!

Israel-Gaza Conflict: ‘Sderot Cinema’ Image Shows Israelis with Popcorn and Chairs ‘Cheering as Missiles Strike Palestinian Targets’:

We’re talking about three murdered Gazan civilians for every one dead Hamas “militant,” with one of those three civilians being a child! That’s the math of straight-up massacre, no matter how Israel’s government and supporters spin it! And, as the UN reported, there is no place for innocent civilians to escape the onslaught of high-tech, American-funded-and-shared-with-Israel weaponry!

In criminal law, the Blackstone Ratio is the principle that “it is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer.” This is closely tied to the “presumption of innocence” inherent to all free and peaceful societies. Anything less than this standard qualifies as oppression and the initiation of aggression against the peaceful. It’s not complicated, nor is it difficult to understand. Those who side with the Accuser against the innocent are the true guilty parties in ALL cases!

To indiscriminately mass murder innocent civilians, including women and children, due to the criminal deeds of a minority segment of a population, in itself, is a criminal deed! And, most of the sovereign nations of the world regard collective punishment against civilian groups as a war crime!

Israel Attacks Center for Disabled and Mosque in Gaza:

Israeli Tank Shells Compound Housing UN School in Gaza, Killing 15:

Much like the terrorist organization, Hamas, Israel’s government clings to the broken logic that terrorizing innocent civilians is a valid political strategy, rather than a crime! For every civilian that Israel’s military murders, Hamas is only given further legitimacy as “just another political party,” simply operating within the framework of the “political reality on the ground” whenever they engage in their own civilian-targeting adventures, just like they’ve been claiming all along…

The irony of the situation is clear: if having one’s civilians targeted for death is just cause to simply murder more civilians, as the Israeli government continues to claim, then by such a pathetic standard, Hamas, much like Israel, suddenly emerges from the equation not as a terrorist group, like most of us thought, but rather, a courageous group of misunderstood heroes simply “defending” their residences and civilians from a decades-long campaign of Israeli government aggression against civilians living within one of the world’s largest open-air refugee prisons. But, it’s a good thing that most don’t subscribe to such an erroneous viewpoint when it comes to Hamas! Yet, the Israeli government’s use of this same rotten reasoning illicits silence from most, and even open encouragement from some!

In his work, “Dissertation on First Principles of Government,” Thomas Paine revealed one of the most important portions of the formula for freedom, writing:

“He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.”

When terrorist organizations like Hamas and the Israeli government murder civilians back and forth as some sort of “acceptable” means of achieving their respective political agendas, the moral vacuum created by their wanton disregard for human life threatens to expand and envelop the entirety of humanity, if not properly CHECKED! This is especially true when the escalation leading up to today occurred so incrementally, and with so much compartmentalization, that most are unaware of the originating source of the current conflict.

Finally, considering the dubious relationship between Israel and Hamas, murdered Gazan civilians seems to be a major goal for BOTH parties, with over 1.5 million innocent Gazan refugees trapped in the middle, to be sacrificed as political pawns!

How Israel Helped to Spawn Hamas:

Beware of Pro-Government Extremists With Badges!

As I scrolled the Facebook wall of TRUTHgasm, I discovered the following artwork here

“Remember, without government… there would be chaos!”

My Commentary: No joke. When PRO-government extremists terrorize our communities, we actually call it “law enforcement”…

What up, Stockholm Syndrome?

Power-Hungry Senator Proposes Licensing for Bicycle “Operators”

“Licensed Cyclists Only”

State Senator Proposes to ID Bicycle “Operators”

(Scott Roberts, Freedom Foundation) For the past few years, the Freedom Foundation has published our “Big Spenders” list. As a result of I-960, the Office of Financial Management is required to calculate the 10-year cost of any bill that proposes a new tax or a new fee. We then take all the bill sponsors and add up these projected costs, and publish a rank-ordered list. It’s informative for taxpayers to know which legislators propose bills that increase the cost of government and legislators who don’t.

It’s stunning how much government growth—at the expense of taxpayers—is proposed by some legislators.

I’m heading up the project this year, so lately I’ve been up to my ears wading through bills from this past session. I have to give credit to Anne Marie Gurney, our ace research analyst for digging up this bill information. It’s Senate Bill 6301, and it proposes to license bicycle “operators”.

(Read entire article here…)

My CommentaryAccording to the article, “the Senator says this bill was proposed because of constituent complaints about cyclists who were a traffic nuisance and who were urinating in people’s yards–and identification numbers are needed to file complaints with the authorities.”

Good thing that the complaints weren’t against pedestrians, eh?

No matter how peaceful our behavior is, the government always eventually creates some sort of pretext to interject itself into the equation as our Accuser, turned Gatekeeper, on the matter (but, of course). We are being branded guilty until proven innocent with every single oppressive measure like this that is even suggested, let alone passed! Every new law makes a new crime – or, should I say “pre-crime,” in cases like this (just like so many others)! Meanwhile, the prisons continue to overflow with more and more Individuals convicted of VICTIMLESS OFFENSES!

These professionally-lying, morally-bankrupt, sociopathic so-called “representatives” are slowly but surely criminalizing our humanity, while legalizing their criminality, right before our very eyes! Wake up and smell the tyranny!

Cops: What We Think They Do, and What They Actually Do…

Upon posting the following picture from Cop Block‘s Facebook page onto my own wall, a debate ensued…

Murlo N.The problem is not the police itself, the problem is the people who join the police, there are lots of people out there who are corrupt and violent and evil, and some of these people join the police. It is not the police that is the problem, it is the bad people within the police who are the problem. There is no such thing as an evil institution, there are only evil people inside the institutions who corrupt the institutions.

RaynIn the US, the problem is both the institution, *and* the individual, working together. To begin, as agents of the State, police officers are literally hired, trained and paid to initiate force against, and extort money from, peaceful citizens for victimless “crimes.” The “War on Drugs” serves as a perfect example of this, and truly stands out, right in plain view, as a form of State-instituted Cultural genocide - with daily kidnappings, beatings, murders, imprisonments, rapes, tortures, and forced medical procedures to prove it! To wear the police uniform is to wear the guilt of this ongoing atrocity against humanity. Yet, to even seek out the uniform while being fully aware that police have been, and currently are, engaging in a nationwide “War on Drugs” is also absolutely evidence of individual guilt, too.

Secondly, entire police departments have been exposed time and time again for enforcing rights-violating ticket quotas against citizens as a matter of top-down policy, as well as enacting racist, harassing, guilty-until-proven-innocent-based “stop and frisk” practices, also ordered from the top- down, against communities. Yet again, these are more institutional policies, and once again, they are being willfully enacted by individuals, as well…

Finally, if and when police do get caught engaging in outright criminal activity while on duty, most receive the full and immediate support of their entire department, along with undue time and opportunity to collaborate with each other and review their own evidence before making official statements. And, if they are even investigated after those efforts, it is by none other than more members of the police force, along with various other agents of the State… And, if all of these justice-obstructing activities and agents don’t keep them from the courthouse, then the judicial branch swoops in to dutifully shield these criminal cops from as much responsibility, accountability, and repercussions as possible, whenever possible!

Fixate on Idea of “Good Cops” Upon Watching a Video of Five Bad Cops in Action, or Face Up to the American Police State?

Lieutenant Tom Davidson shoves paraplegic, Nicholas Kincade, and his wheelchair, to the ground, after the man accidentally rolls over his foot.

Dash Cam Shows Officer Pushing Over Man in Wheelchair:

(Indianapolis) The Lafayette Police Department released dash cam video Wednesday of an October 2013 incident that led to one man’s arrest and an officer’s suspension.

Police were called to the Excel School at 617 N. Ninth St. on Oct. 1, 2013, on reports of a man who said he had a handgun in his backpack.

The man, Nicholas Kincade, who is a paraplegic and is confined to a wheelchair, did not have a gun, but did have a pocket knife.

At the request of school administrators, police issued Kincade a warning for trespassing, and then he was free to go, police said.

As the video shows, Kincade rolled his wheelchair forward, running over the foot of Lt. Tom Davidson, who then pushed Kincade.

(Read entire article here…)

Rayn: When a cop violently shoves a paraplegic man he just ticketed to the ground, along with his wheelchair, and arrests him for “battery on a police officer,” all because the man accidentally ran over the swine’s cloven hoof with his mobility scooter upon leaving, you are living in a police state…

Did this hot-headed bully get his job in spite of his hair-trigger-temper, or because of it?

Thomas P.Cannot imagine any reason one would need to push anyone with this limited degree of mobility. If it were absolutely necessary one could just move the wheelchair and disconnect the power supply. There are good cops who do a great job, who really care about people and serving the community. It is a shame that butt heads out there like this giving them a bad name. I have met a couple. Usually the best ones who have served under fire in urban areas and seen some sh*t. Some of the small town fellows are full of authority and little else. “Mileage may vary”

RaynThe only reason I can imagine for this cop shoving this disabled man is that he is a cowardly bully and a criminal, Thomas… But, why do you say “butt heads like this,” though? Don’t your mean “like these”? Are you denying the complicity and guilt of the four other cops who helped apprehend the paraplegic man after he was violently assaulted by their buddy? If that’s as far as your ability to identify the “bad cops” extends, then what does that really say about ability to identify “good cops”?

Either way, what value do “good cops” have in a system of top-down corruption and abuse, with a judicial branch that dutifully shields the criminal elements within from all responsibility, accountability, and repercussions, whenever possible? Why not ask Serpico about his experiences as a “good cop” in NYC?

But, speaking of uselessly ineffectual individuals who defend criminal cops, rather than stopping them (like the four other cops in the video)… what of the Lafayette Police Civil Service Commission – made up of five local citizens – who determined that the officer who assaulted the man in the wheelchair shouldn’t be fired? And, what of the Tippecanoe County DA, who decided not to press charges against the costumed coward for his crime? That’s a whole lot of Individuals who are just as guilty and morally bankrupt as the swine they “shield” from justice!

Oh, and by the way, your claims about city cops versus small town cops are purely meaningless here, since the incident in this video took place in the *city* of Lafayette, Indiana. But, alas… these are the sorts of desperately irrelevant and completely unqualified statements that I have come to expect from “law enforcement” apologists. They are so faithful to the authority of the State, that even upon watching a crystal-clear video of a cop shoving a paraplegic man and his wheelchair to the ground for accidentally rolling over his foot, then arresting him for “battery on a police officer,” with the help of four other officers on the scene… rather than being inspired to engage in an open and honest discussion about the evidence of systemic corruption they are directly witnessing, they gloss over such inconveniences, and instead, attempt to use the footage as a shameless opportunity to plug and promote the *idea* of “good cops” who “really care about people.” But, in reality, there was not a single “good cop” to be found in the video I posted, so any mention of such comes off, once again, as a desperately irrelevant distraction! It seems more like a clever way to reduce the cognitive dissonance that comes from witnessing beloved agents of the State operating like the very criminals that they were sworn to protect the population against!