Criminal-Caste of Plutocratic Parasites Manufacture Public Consent for Existence of Rigged Death-System

As I scrolled through the Facebook page of Voluntaryism, I discovered the following artwork here

My Commentary: But, without government, how would a criminal-caste of plutocratic parasites manufacture the outward appearance of public consent from an entire “nation” of Individuals in order to supply themselves with blanket-legal-straw-man-cover for their continued use of theft, murder, rape, kidnapping, wars of aggression, and war crimes – all as a matter of policy, and all under the guise that they are actually providing said public with some sort of protection against criminality?

Awarding War Criminals…

As I scrolled the Facebook wall of People Over Politics, I discovered the following artwork here

My Commentary: How moving! I can feel the chunks rising in my throat!

President Obama Reportedly Told His Aides That He’s ‘Really Good At Killing People’

The following correspondence took place on the Facebook wall of family…

GenaireLast Year President Obama Reportedly Told His Aides That He’s ‘Really Good At Killing People’:

Rayn: Sounds like the war-criminal-in-chief is gunning for another Nobel Peace Prize! Oh, wait… False alarm. It’s just some Middle-Eastern women and children, foolishly standing in the way of their own county’s liberation! Damn anti-progressives… They just never seem to get it! If Amerika doesn’t stop the terrorists, they will continue to murder innocents in order to push their political agenda!

Autistics Speaking Day 2013!

In honor of Autistics Speaking Day, I would like to share with the public some of my music, lyrics, performances, and videos as a Hip-Hop artist on the Autistic Spectrum. My involvement in Hip-Hop music stands out as the single most important factor involved in helping me to build the confidence I required to start fighting back strong against my severe social phobia, and finally begin publicly expressing myself as an Individual – from music networks, to social networks, to the stage and live audiences, to my very own website!

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