Ain’t No Half-Steppin’ in the Battle for Freedom!

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Racist 1866 Campaign Poster from Democratic candidate, Hiester Clymer, currently stored digitally, here, in the US Library of Congress

Racist 1866 Campaign Poster from Democratic candidate, Hiester Clymer, currently stored digitally, here, in the US Library of Congress

White Americans’ Support for Prison-Industrial Complex Grows With Knowledge That It’s Harder on Blacks:

(Elizabeth Nolan Brown, Reason) One of the rallying cries of the criminal justice reform crowd, including us here at Reason, is that American policing policies disproportionately harm blacks and other minorities. These days even mainstream politicians like Rand Paul have been sounding this alarm—he recently told a Rotary Club crowd in Shelbyville, Kentucky, that “the war on drugs has had a disproportionate racial outcome.” The ostensible purpose of pointing to these disparities is to showcase how unfair and subjective our law enforcement can be. But according to a new study published in Psychological Science, this may not be what the average white person takes away.

Being made aware of the racial composition of America’s prisons actually bolsters white Americans’ support for intrusive policing and harsh sentencing policies, according to Stanford University researchers Rebecca Hetey and Jennifer Eberhardt.

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My Commentary: In the battle against tyranny, many of us understand the importance of “know[ing] thy enemy”…

But, “what about your friends?”

Upon stripping away the thin veneer of “political affiliations,” and allowing Individual thoughts and actions to take their rightful place as the only real indicators of character, it turns out that many of these pale-skinned “progressives” from NYC and California are just as pathetically ignorant and racist as their neo-conned counterparts! And, so long as these half-stepping wannabes think that police and courts are mostly targeting brown skin, at least 73% of them comfortably lend their full and faithful consent and support to the American Police State!!! For these human race traitors, “innocent until proven guilty” is their own “white privilege,” instead of a universal RIGHT for all!

Meanwhile, a closer inspection of the facts exposes their elected “representatives” to be NO DIFFERENT! These narrow-minded slime-balls have been spewing their thinly-veiled racism into the public arena, time and time again, with little fear of backlash!

For example, in 2008, Senator Majority Leader, Harry Reid, eagerly supported Obama as the Democratic Party’s Presidential candidate, feeling he had a good shot at the position as a “light-skinned” man with “no negro dialect”…

What Is Being ‘Light Skinned’ With ‘No Negro Dialect’?:

Also, in 2007, a hopeful Senator Joe Biden referred to Presidential candidate Obama as “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy”…

Biden’s Description of Obama Draws Scrutiny:

Sadly, these ugly, insidious forms of racism are treated as though inconsequential, with the media, and even the general public, simply glossing over comments like these, because they don’t conveniently correlate with the neatly-packaged “racist conservatives versus enlightened democrats” narrative being shoved down the public’s throat, day in and day out. In the end, most simply aren’t willing to exercise the critical thinking required to discuss the sentiment and the implications of Reid and Biden’s words with full honesty or candor. For too many, humanity’s interests take a back seat to party loyalties, as the Almighty State provides a doubleplusgood bellyfeel that no mere society of mortal Individual can hope to accomplish… So, just as quickly as the racism of these two Democrats is exposed, each event is quickly swept under the rug, to be forgotten, forever!

But, why don’t I just take a moment to meditate upon the motivations for Reid and Biden’s comments, then? Hmm… Well, even when completely putting aside the article I’ve posted here, “White Americans Support for Prison-Industrial Complex Grows with Knowledge It’s Harder On Blacks,” I still find myself facing just two overlapping conclusions… For one, racist Democratic “leaders” obviously lack the “confidence” required to support any “dark” brown-skinned man with an urban “dialect” as a potential presidential party candidate (though I’d gander to say that even a “light” brown-skinned man with an urban “dialect” wouldn’t garner their full support, either)… Secondly, this racism in the Democratic Party is not just limited to their leadership but also includes a large base of party constituents, and likely a large base of corporate contributors, as well, otherwise, there would have been severe public backlash from these two groups…

But, who are we kidding, here? None of the above-mentioned information is a surprise for those of us who have actually taken the time to unlearn the Authoritarian lies and propaganda drilled into our heads while we were serving out our mandatory 13-year prison-sentences, enduring the sadistic, seemingly-endless hazing ritual called “government education”…

Democratic Party Supported Slavery:

Lincoln Was America’s FIRST Republic President, After Splitting from Democratic Party Over Expansion of Slavery:

One thing is for sure: Never let your enemy teach your children!

As for the sniveling apologists out there who would seek to continue sidestepping these inconvenient historical truths about the Democratic and Republican parties… Know this: these aren’t just some odd facts from a distant era, long forgotten, and no matter how much some of the weak-minded cling to personal sentiment, in hopes of turning reality into an “irrelevant” – even just a preliminary investigation into the recent history of the Democratic Party reveals that they chose an ex-KKK Chapter Leader as their House Majority Leader, TWICE, with the latest time being from 1987 to 1989!!!

Senator Robert Byrd:

And, speaking of the KKK, no mention of them would be complete without discussion of the vital role that GUN CONTROL played as a unifying and rallying cause that catapulted them into the role of a nationwide, racist, terrorist group!

The Klan’s Favorite Law:

Is Gun Control Racist?

Isn’t it interesting to see the Democrats – the same party that directly-supported slavery in past – taking up the racist cause of gun control so feverishly, and for so long? But, the complete truth is that US gun control has ALWAYS had racist origins…

The Racist Roots of Gun Control:

The Secret History of Guns:

According to the last article, “OPPOSITION TO GUN CONTROL was what drove the [Black Panther members] to visit the California capitol with loaded weapons in hand. […] …Newton and Seale were frustrated with the failed promise of the civil-rights movement. Brown v. Board of Education, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 were legal landmarks, but they had yet to deliver equal opportunity. In Newton and Seale’s view, the only tangible outcome of the civil-rights movement had been more violence and oppression, much of it committed by the very entity meant to protect and serve the public: the police.”

Ask any pale-skinned “liberal” about their “gun control” stance, and you’ll soon discover the truth: they are nothing more than boot-licking pro-authoritarians who seek to disarm as many peaceful Individuals as possible, while keeping as many guns as possible in the hands of police and military to accomplish it… And, if you really push them to justify their position, they will inevitably mention “inner city crime,” “gang members” and “drug dealers” as their reasons? Hmm… I wonder what skin-tone they imagine such Individuals to be… Seems legit, right?

So, why not discuss the well-established matter of fact that the KKK often worked hand-in-hand with local police jurisdictions from their earliest beginnings, then? Here is one WELL-KNOWN case that rocked the entire country when it was exposed:

US Vs. Price et. al (AKA, the “Mississippi Burning Trial” ):

And, though the mindless among us may claim that such days are long behind this county, they are DANGEROUSLY DELUSIONAL!

Nebraska Police Officer Fired Over Association With KKK-Linked Group (March 2008 article):

Cop’s Off-Duty, KKK-Linked Club Questioned in Lawsuit – A Dozen Other Cops Implicated (Jan. 2009 article):

Police Chief and Officer in Florida Department Exposed as KKK Members (July 2014 article):

According to the article, “it the second time in five years that Klansmen have been found in the Fruitland Park Police Department. In 2009, Officer James Elkins resigned after photographs showed him in a white robe and pointy hood, and he later admitted he was a LEADER of the local KKK.”

And, after this Florida Police Chief and officer were exposed, the KKK made a public announcement promoting police in their terrorist organization…

KKK Wizard: Klan Cops Make Better Cops:

According to the article, “Klan membership is generally kept secret, but local Klan chapters in the past were well-represented by law enforcement. Former Orange County Sheriff Dave Starr, who served from 1949 to 1971, was identified as a Klansman in sworn statements to the FBI. So was former Apopka police Chief William Dunnaway and other powerful county and city officials who ran local government agencies decades ago.”

And, a quick search reveals the KKK’s membership among Florida’s civil-servant class historically went well beyond the police, to even include at least one GOVERNOR, a councilman, a judge, and more!

County’s History Includes Dark Chapters Of KKK Terror:

According to the article, “three Klan chapters operated in the county – in Orlando, Apopka and Winter Garden. Each had a ‘wrecking crew’ that took victims for a ‘ride’ and warned them, flogged them or killed them, according to Clark’s research.

It’s members read like a Who’s Who of Orange County, according to sworn statements to the FBI: County Commissioner John Talton; Mose Bryant, former Ocoee councilman and marshal; Charles Limpus Sr., clerk of the Criminal Court; Winter Park City Manager Earl Y. Harpole; Apopka Police Chief William Dunnaway and Justice of the Peace Pete Tucker of Winter Garden.

Starr, who served as sheriff from 1949 to 1971, was initiated into the Klan in a secret ceremony at a Winter Garden funeral home. Even Florida’s governor in 1951, Fuller Warren, was an admitted former Klansman.”

Of course, Governor Fuller Warren was a DEMOCRAT, for those who care to look through the two-party fraud system, to the hidden hands of racism and bondage, underneath it all, and yet, LONG AGO, EXPOSED, to those of who know DISENFRANCHISEMENT when we see it, and don’t cling to racist stereotypes, deep down!

Former KKK Leader [Yet Then-Current Elected Town Commissioner] Lashes Out at ‘Liar’ Opponent After Losing Democratic Mayoral Election in Florida (April 2011 article):

I could likely spend the entire day digging up more of these pigs, but I’ll just stop there, for now… The point is that we must finally put political parties aside, as well as easily-skewed, racially-motivated statistics, and then we can finally acknowledge the truth…

What Would You Do? Bike Theft Experiment Exposes Racist Americans:

Car “Theft” Experiment Exposes Racist Americans:

The racism that leads police to target community members based on their skin-tone, is not theirs, alone! Just as the above videos illustrate, it is also fueled by societal confirmation bias, as well!

In conclusion, it’s time for REAL R(EVOL)UTIONARIES to expose ALL of the racist trolls and snakes among us! Fuck party lines! Let’s purge all of the cowardly, sleep-walking traitors from the movement against State abuse and violence! If not, these will be the same POSERS that later hijack the movement, and negotiate us ALL right back into oppression!

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