Wherever COVID Jabs Go, Sudden Unexpected Death Follows

I originally posted the following artwork and statement onto my Facebook wall…

The link between Big Gov and Big Pharma’s high-tech salvation jabs and “sudden and unexpected” death is just a total coincidence, according to a whole bunch of career criminal organizations profiting from these tax-funded bioweapons while disenfranchising, censoring, and fraudulently “fact-checking” any dissent to their professionally-motivated, power-hungry, control-clutching opinions.

Trust the $cience, and take solace in the fact that you are the carbon that the experts in the field of population control want to reduce. This is the best and quickest way to save the planet’s largest network of criminal organizations: the Incorporated Body of the World’s Nation-States, also known as the House of Bondage. You should feel honored to finally learn who your species has been provoking to wrath, since ancient times. In their benevolence, your betters have determined this generation wise enough to forgo the ridiculous “angry weather gods” charade, because so many are finally embracing the nihilistic, self-loathing, and misanthropic views needed to lend their full support to the noble depopulation agenda.

Why So Many Cling to Mainstream-Media-Manufactured Lies

As I scrolled through my Facebook news feed, I discovered the following infographic being shared by an acquaintance, and originally posted it to my own wall, along with commentary…

My Commentary: They cling to mainstream-media-manufactured lies, because confessing the Truth would mean taking very decisive action against the perpetrators. Meanwhile, self-loathing, mentally-colonized cowards rarely ever act in the interest of humanity or justice, so instead of holding their ‘leaders’ and the corporations they prop up with our tax dollars accountable for their crimes against humanity, the tax-cattle have been giving them free-range to fully-control the narrative around COVID, while also destroying as much evidence to the contrary, as possible.

‘Purple Streetlight’ Phenomenon Taking Place Throughout the US for Past 21 Months Now Expanding to Canada and Ireland

I originally posted the following information and commentary onto my Facebook wall…

Flashback, 2008… Still a coincidence theorist?

Glasgow, Scotland: Blue Streetlights Believed to Prevent Suicides, Street Crime (Dec. 2008):

This old article is the best explanation I’ve found to make sense of the “purple street light” phenomenon taking place all over the USA, for over 21 months, now, and counting, while now recently appearing in Canada and Ireland. These light aren’t coincidentally “defective” across three countries, and for this long. If this was the case, there would have already been a giant scandal involving the lightbulb manufacturer, the tax dollars spent, and all of the wasted money that went into continuing to send out the bulbs, for almost two years, after first being discovered!

The hard truth is that the career criminals in government, along with the mainstream media monopolists in their pocket, are lying to us, while actively psychologically and emotionally experimenting on us for at least a year, without your consent…

But, who cares, right? We’re just completely expendable tax-cattle, in the eyes of the Corporate master$ of the planet. And, most voting slobs reflexively defend the toxic relationship we’re forced into these bad actors, and the systems they rig up for us to fail in, claiming humanity’s systemic abuse to be a “necessary evil.” Sadly, for so many, being a lab rats is actually an improvement, because it finally offers them the opportunity to actually productively contribute to the world, even if it means helping the elitist parasite class who control society to edit, update, and improve upon their intergenerational enslavement technologies.

Tokyo, Japan: Don’t Jump! Japanese Use Blue Lighting to Reduce Suicides (Dec. 2008):

Take a look at these obvious “Operation Mockingbird” articles that have been coming out for the past 21 months… Take note of how many coincidentally ask the reader a question in the title…

North Carolina, USA: Here’s Why Purple Streetlights Are Popping Up Around North Carolina (March 2021):

Kansas, USA: Evergy: Manufacturer Will Replace Defective Street Lights Turning Purple (May 2021):

Maryland, USA: You Seeing Purple Street Lights? (Oct. 2021)

Kentucky USA: Why Are Street Lights Turning Purple? (Oct. 2021):

Ohio, USA: Purple Street Lights in Cincinnati: What’s Causing Them? (Oct. 2021):

Iowa, USA: What is Causing Purple Streetlights in Iowa? (Nov. 2021):

Nebraska, USA: Purple Lights Popping Up in Lincoln, Caused by LED Malfunction (Sept. 2021):

Minnesota, USA: Here’s Why You’re Seeing Purple Street Lights In Some Metro Cities (Feb. 2022):

Wisconsin, USA: Why Some Streetlights in Green Bay, Oshkosh, Wausau and Door County Are Purple (Feb. 2022):

Texas, USA: Yoakum’s Blue Streetlights Explained (July 2022):

Vancouver, Canada: Why Thousands of City Street Lights Are Turning Purple (Oct. 2022):

Pennsylvania, USA: What’s Up with the Purple Street Lights? (Oct. 2022):

Dublin, Ireland: Blue Light District: Dublin Authorities Replace Thousands of Faulty Streetlights After They Turn Blue (Nov. 2022):

Florida, USA: Purple Street Lights Are Popping Up Across South Florida, But Why? (Dec. 2022)

South Carolina, USA: Purple Streetlights Across Horry County Are Part of Manufacturer’s Defective Batch (Dec. 2022):

Prominent NYC Queer Activist’s Arrest for Attempting to Purchase Child to Rape Exposes Despicable Inner-Workings of Sex Trafficking Industry

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“Prosecutors allege that Zelony-Mindell contacted an FBI undercover agent, believing he was the father of a 9-year-old boy and tried to arrange to have a**l intercourse with the child.”

In an effort to secure his next victim, this child rapist used an encrypted messaging service to “shop” inside of a private channel where a parent was advertising the sexual “rental” of their child, not knowing it was really an FBI sting…

Prominent NYC Artist and Activist Who Identifies As ‘Non-Binary Queer’ Charged With Trying to Have Sex With 9-Year-Old Boy: