Taxes Are the Price We Pay for the Legalization of Theft

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“Form 1040”

IRS Losing Money on Targeting Debts of Low-Income Earners:

(Roey Hadar) The IRS spent $20 million on private debt collectors who ultimately collected just $6.7 million, according to a report from the Taxpayer Advocate, the agency’s in-house watchdog.

The report deems the Internal Revenue Service’s work with private debt collection to be one of the agency’s most serious problems because the debts assigned to private collectors largely targeted lower-income earners who owe federal taxes.

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My Commentary: Taxes are the price we pay for the legalization of theft…

The corrupt institution known as the “IRS” spent $20 million in our tax dollars to hire private collection agencies to help claim “debts” owed to them, as ordered by Congress. Of course, this disproportionately effected low-income and below-poverty-level “earners,” just as the IRS predicted before implementing the legislature’s grand scheme. And, in the end, not only did the IRS only collect just a mere $6.7 million in debt, but they obviously breached the security of every single American “tax payer,” in the process, as the robo-call tax phone scams began shortly after this whole circus act started.

In America, “Law and Order” Looks Exactly Like Torture

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Mississippi Officer Terminated for Excessive Force:

My Commentary: Wow…”Law and order” sure looks a whole lot like “torture.” Ironically, if this man were a convicted criminal in prison, secured in handcuffs, this would easily be deemed “cruel and unusual punishment” in most States…

Hostile US Immigration Policy Functions as De Facto Child Trafficking Operation

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Migrant Children Secretly Transported in NYC:

My Commentary: “Children may also be trafficked for the purpose of adoption.”

Trafficking of Children:

Don’t sugar-coat the Truth. Call it what it is…

Legislative Parasites Seek Further Subsidies

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Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS)

Democrat Congressman Wants ‘Taxpayer-Funded Dorms’:

() Democratic members of Congress want taxpayers to subsidize their housing, signing onto legislation that would allow them to deduct living expenses for members of the House of Representatives.

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D., Miss.) introduced a bill that would ban members of Congress from sleeping in their offices and would change the tax code to allow House members to deduct their spending on housing in D.C. up to $3,000. The deduction would not apply to senators.

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My Commentary: All of these parasitic slobs, and their cronies, will continue to live off of the tax-payer’s dime, while enacting the very laws that disenfranchise our small businesses, and throw us cages for victimless crimes, among other forms of oppression…

The State is Permit Patty

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“(Violation) [#1] 32:197 – Bicycle – Improper Lane (Fine) $302.50
(Violation) [#2] 32:194 – Traffic laws apply to person riding bicycles (Fine) $302.50
(Violation) [#3] 154:1422 – Bicycle equipment (Fine) $157.50
(Violation) [#4] 154:1403 – Bicycle registration required (Fine) $157.50
(Sub Total) $920.00
(Paid) $0.00
(Amount Remaining) $920.00″

My Commentary: Make no mistake. The State is Permit Patty.