Most Philadelphians Evade Illegitimate Soda Tax

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Drink Taxes Damage the Economy and Do Nothing to Cut Sugar Intake:

(Susan Neely) The start of the new year means new resolutions for millions of Americans. These include resolutions to lose weight, eat better, exercise more, and save money. In Philadelphia, local leaders set their own goals last January to curb obesity and raise revenue through a new tax on non-alcoholic beverages. But like so many New Year’s resolutions, the Philadelphia beverage tax fell short of the promises local officials made to consumers.

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My Commentary: Whoa! Turns out that most Philadelphians are tax-evading criminals, who prefer to “steal” from the “public,” rather than pay their “fair share”! LOL!

A Few Reasons to Hate Pepsi Cola…

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Jenny D.: Maybe this is why I hate Pepsi.

Suicidal Tendencies – “Institutionalized” Frontier Records:

Rayn: Ha! EPIC MUSICAL RANT! Skillz!

When I first read your post through my phone, Jenny (which says, “shared a link on your timeline,” followed by your comment), I thought you were going to cite this as the reason you hate PepsiCo:

Pepsi’s Bizarro World: Boycotted Over Embryonic Cells Linked to Lo-Cal Soda:

Of course, even if it is true that aborted HEK 293 (human embryonic kidney) cells were used in the research and development of the patented sugar enhancing ingredient that will soon be inside of Pepsi’s latest “diet soda” (due to hit the shelves this year), the original human cells used in the Senomyx company’s “technology” are subsequently cloned, then cultivated on a larger scale. This means that, either way, there are no actual aborted cells in their final product. Therefore, Pepsi drinkers can rest safe knowing that they will never actually be drinking aborted human fetal cells if they do decide to try the company’s new brand of soda. On the other hand, those that are politically (or even just personally) anti-abortion might want to start boycotting Pepsi right away, due to their collaboration with Senomyx – a company that has created multiple products derived from aborted fetal cells!

Jenny D.: No actual aborted fetus in the final product. Another reason not to drink Pepsi.

Rayn: “What the f*ck were they thinking!?” 🙂

Jenny D.: Drink Coke! It’s the real thing…

Rayn: Ha! Maybe in Mexico, it is! In the American-manufactured version of their product, however, Coke uses the cheap, sugar-replacement I like to call “high f*cktose corn-syrup” (unless it’s the yellow-capped Kosher version that is sold during Passover – in select neighborhoods, of course)! 🙂

Health Commissioner in Nanny State New York Calls for a Tax on Drinks With Sugar

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"Soda Jerks" (artwork by Glenn Foden)

“Soda Jerks”
(Artwork by Glenn Foden)

New York’s Health Commissioner Calls for a Tax on Drinks With Sugar:

(Anemona HartocollisNew York Times) – A month after Gov. David A. Paterson dropped his proposal for a soda tax, New York City’s health commissioner has written an article advocating “hefty” taxes on sodas and sports drinks containing sugar. Such a tax, the article said, could be the biggest boon to public health since tobacco taxes.

The commissioner, Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, and Kelly D. Brownell of Yale University, his co-author, argue in the New England Journal of Medicine that a tax of a penny per ounce could reduce consumption by more than 10 percent and raise $1.2 billion a year in New York State alone.

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My Commentary: First they taxed the tobacco smokers, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a tobacco smoker…

I wonder if all those sheeple that thought it was such a “great idea” to let our BIG BROTHER government regulate their freedom still believe that they made the right decision. DID YOU REALLY THINK THEY WOULD STOP AT TOBACCO SMOKERS!? Ha!

Hasn’t anyone seen the movie, “I, Robot”? Remember V.I.C.K.I.? Statistically, humans engage in many behaviors that aren’t necessarily good for them. But, if we allow the government to control us based on “protecting us from ourselves,” eventually they will take away our very freedom to even leave our house! Why? Because the world can be a very dangerous place! QUALITY OF LIFE simply does not factor in to the concerted efforts of power-hungry pigs to control our very existence!

Enjoy your SLAVERY, America, ‘cuz this battle against our freedom is far from over!