1% Circle Jerk

The following debate originally took place on my Facebook wall…

Walking Billboard for Big Pharma, Dolly Parton

Rayn: Dolly Parton Receives $100 Million Bezos Courage and Civility Award:

807 shares? The peasants are actually celebrating this 1% circle jerk?

Ricki D.: “The award recognizes ‘leaders who aim high, find solutions and who always do it with civility,’ granting them the money to direct to the charity they see fit, Sanchez said Saturday evening.”

Dolly herself isn’t keeping the money, it will go to one of the many charities she’s already involved with..

Rayn: The 1% run so many charities, yet deliver so few results… It remains to be seen whether Dolly Parton will give some more millions of dollars to the Vanderbilts, again. Only time will tell. But, if history is any indicator…

In June of 2022…

Dolly Parton Donates $1 Million to Pediatric Infectious Disease Research at Vanderbilt University Medical Center:

In April of 2020…

Dolly Parton Donates $1 Million Toward Coronavirus Research at Vanderbilt University:

In October of 2017…

Dolly Parton Donates $1 Million to Vanderbilt University Children’s Hospital:

Like George Carlin said, “it’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.”

Then, there’s this gem…

Dolly Parton’s Vanderbilt Donation Supported Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccine (Nov. 2020):

Parton’s just a humble humanitarian, helping lowly career-criminal chemical corporations make an honest killing, poisoning the blood of billions, worldwide!

And, lest we forget, Parton also got herself the lab-rat-jab, right on camera, for all the peasants to see. No surprise, there, though, since she has been a walking billboard for Big Pharma, throughout most of her career. This began with her first role as a veritable mainstream postergirl for breast augmentation. She was a very influential component in the “entertainment industry’s” highly-profitable goal of culturally debasing and spiritually corrupting the youth, and her shameless promotion of extreme and permanent cosmetic enhancements, for the sake of “sex appeal,” continues to enrich and expand the medical community, to this day. Meanwhile, Parton has become so unhealthily obsessed with distorting her own appearance, she cannot see the true reality of how horribly grotesque her many modifications have left her. The more desperately that Parton clings to her youth, the more pathologically and pathetically hideous the results. She legit looks like she got a face-transplant from a cadaver. It’s amazing that the butchers who carved Parton into this abominable meat-masked monstrosity aren’t being blamed, shamed, nor defamed, whatsoever, for their very apparent crime of practicing medicine without a conscience.

But, Without Government, Who Would Abuse and Rob the Innocent?

I originally posted the following information and commentary onto my Facebook wall…

Cops Raid Licensed Chef’s Home, Steal His Cooking Equipment—for Feeding the Homeless:

(Matt Agorist) A kind and loving local chef woke up Tuesday morning to a dozen cops and health department officials raiding his home. Khemuel “Chef” Sanders had his business shut down, all of his equipment stolen by the state, and his life ruined because he made food in his home to give to the homeless.

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My Commentary: But, without government, who would abuse and rob the innocent?

Ms. Lauryn Hill and Lysander Spooner: A Match Made by the IRS

The following debate originally took place here, upon the Facebook wall of Ms. Lauryn Hill, after I posted a captioned photo being shared by the page, “Strictly Voluntary,” along with a comment of my own…

Rayn: Check it out, Ms. Lauryn Hill! Voluntaryists understand your position, all too well! Taxation is Theft!

Artwork originally located here, upon the Facebook page, "Voluntary"

Ms.Hill in part of her statement to the tax judge: “I had an economic system imposed on me.”

Ms.Hill was caught in the trap that Lysander Spooner wrote of over a century ago:
“And yet we have what purports, or professes, or is claimed, to be a contract—the Constitution—made eighty years ago, by men who are now all dead, and who never had any power to bind us, but which (it is claimed) has nevertheless bound three generations of men, consisting of many millions, and which (it is claimed) will be binding upon all the millions that are to come; but which nobody ever signed, sealed, delivered, witnessed, or acknowledged; and which few persons, compared with the whole number that are claimed to be bound by it, have ever read, or even seen, or ever will read, or see.” ― Lysander Spooner, No Treason: The Constitution Of No Authority

No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority | by Lysander Spooner:

Murray N. Rothbard considered this essay by Lysander Spooner (1867) “The greatest case for anarchist political philosophy ever written.”

Lauryn Hill – War in the Mind (Unplugged): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ze8cFpZ0WHg

#LaurynHill #Spooner #NoTreason #WithdrawConsent #EndStatism #StrictlyVoluntary

(Artwork originally located here, upon the Facebook page, “Strictly Voluntary“)

Jahgreen R.: is it like she wants to be free to express her childhood’s homeworks mistakes now that she is an adult??? I today realize what that word means which she spoke in a poem in London way back in 2005: “What an abracaration!!!” -aryist[s], what about -ist[s]!!! I am a voluntarist if I’m not gonna be a volunteer, but not for grammar mistakes, what’s fucked up with you??!!! Who were you sent by? You amp up not being with you!! Now you’re gonna complain why y’all’re not loving me? but, come on, you………………..repulse

Rayn: My apologies, but I’ve read your comment multiple times, and simply I can’t make out what you’re trying to say within it… Can you please clarify?

Jahgreen R.: A flabbiness spray for Lauren to put in a bubble. She needs to understand, anyone who earns more than average must pay taxes, that’s also accepting the luck could have been someone else’s to put in light out of the many poors who have talent in any other field but will never be able to access. Why wouldn’t the poor be able to receive from the wealthiest in partnerships funds, professional welfare like she ain’t ready to do so? Trust it or not, only the wind has got the answer to this question ; she’ll just have to follow the majority.

Rayn: Nope… Individuals cannot simply relegate rights which they don’t have, themselves, to others, no matter how much they imagine that such activity would somehow eliminate the lack of morality inherent to the unjust acts they seek to commit, by proxy – nor will it relinquish them of personal responsibility for the acts now being committed in their name. Since you and I have no right to take money from others without their consent, neither does the State! It wouldn’t matter if we tossed out the claim that it was for the “greater good,” or if we used some of the stolen money to buy our victim a service he also didn’t consent to, as we pocketed some for ourselves as payment for arranging said service. It would be a criminal act, regardless. It’s probably disappointing to hear this, if you’re a member of the Statist cult, but… yeah… true morality is universal, like that.

Taxation is Theft, and Taxation is Extortion. To those who advocate such theft under the guise of “helping the poor” with stolen funds, I say, “Check Your Statist Privilege,” my friend! (Click Here to Continue Reading This Post)

Trump and Clinton Foundations Appear to be Glorified Money-Laundering Operations

I originally posted the following information and commentary onto my Facebook wall…


SCANDAL: Trump Foundation Reported Charitable Donations It Never Made:

(Karoli Kuns) In the current maelstrom of media handwringing over ‘deplorables’ and Clinton’s pneumonia, David Fahrenthold’s bombshell report for the Washington Post has fallen into third place, but it definitely should not.

According to Fahrenthold, Trump’s charity does not give any of Trump’s money. It is, instead, used as a pass-through from other people to charities. This is perfectly legal, but it belies his claim that he gives millions to charities.

Worse yet, there are five contributions to charities which the Foundation claims it sent, but which were not received. The largest contribution has already been explained — it is the $25,000 impermissible donation sent to Pam Bondi shortly after she decided not to investigate Trump University.

(Read entire article here…)

My Commentary: Trump and Clinton Foundations are glorified money laundering operations.

NYC Musician Uses His Time and Talent to Illustrate True Compassion as a Voluntary Endeavor

I originally posted the following information and commentary onto my Facebook wall…

Musician in NYC Performs Next To Homeless People So They Get More Cash:

My Commentary: Real compassion is voluntary…

But, hey, just quietly and passively pay those compulsory taxes to let the State “take care of” the homeless (AKA police harassment, corrupt shelter systems, vagrancy laws, destruction of property, fines, jails)!

Keep your soft, pink hands “clean,” my friends!

For just a taste of the truth about homelessness in NYC, and how the State represents the worse enemy to some of the most vulnerable members of our society, watch the movie, “The Saint of Fort Washington.”