Beware of ‘Free Healthcare’ from the State

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First Coronavirus Vaccine Doses Administered In Hard Hit Indigenous Communities:

() Health officials are administering the first doses of a coronavirus vaccine in Indigenous communities across the U.S., one of the populations most vulnerable in the pandemic.

About 68,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses will initially be distributed among the population, the Indian Health Service said last week. Doses began to arrive this week and will first be given to the elderly and health care workers.

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My Commentary: Most of y’all act like our government didn’t operate a “free healthcare” eugenics program for most of the 20th century, and an entire national body of medical professionals didn’t dutifully sterilize untold hundreds of thousands of the disabled, minorities, the indigenous, and immigrants on behalf of “science,” and the Almighty State’s legislators and judges, AND IT REALLY SHOWS!

Seattle Police Murder Pregnant Woman Who Called to Report a Robbery

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Police murder victim, Charleena Lyles


Seattle Police Officers Shot Pregnant Woman Seven Times and One of the Bullets Struck Her Unborn Baby Boy, Autopsy Reveals:

(Ashley Collman) The father of a pregnant woman who was shot dead by police officers after she called to report a robbery in June has released her autopsy report.

Charleena Lyles was nearly four months pregnant on June 18 when she called police to report an Xbox stolen at her Seattle apartment.

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My Commentary: Pregnant woman called police to report a robbery… She and her unborn child are shot to death by police…

Details Continue to Emerge in Botham Jean’s Murder Investigation

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Video Claims To Show Dallas Officer After Killing Botham Shem Jean:

(Meko Haze) In Dallas, Texas a warrant has been issued for manslaughter after an off-duty female police officer walked into her neighbor’s apartment and shot him. It was announced that 26-year-old Botham Shem Jean died from his wound.

In possibly one of the strangest stories behind a police officer related shooting, the officer claims she walked into Jean’s apartment thinking it was her apartment. The female office believed Jean was an intruder and shot him. It is unknown what words were exchanged before the officer shot Jean.

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My Commentary: As the details continue to trickle out, the emerging picture isn’t looking good for this killer cop. Some neighbors are claiming that the pig was banging on the door to her victim’s apartment, demanding entry , and that she eventually busted it open, before killing him. Others are claiming that the two had dated, prior to this incident…

Another Agent of the State, Operating Above the “Law”

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FBI Agent Accidentally Shoots Man on Dance Floor, Then Flees Scene:

My Commentary: Another agent of the State, operating above the “law.”

Discussing Heroism as Another Casualty of America’s Police State

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Innocent victim of police shooting, Tony Garces

RaynHe Disarmed a Possible Church Shooter — Then Police Arrived and Shot Him:

Please, serfs, don’t play hero… You’re not helping! Just allow shooters to fully execute their murderous plans with no resistance, or you’ll confuse police, and get yourself shot! Attacking an armed criminals while unarmed is dangerous, anyway!

In conclusion, if you don’t trust the police with your safety, you’re a crazy, racist gun-nut!

Sandra C.This is exactly why you Don’t give Teachers Guns!

Rayn: This is why police shouldn’t have guns… I’d be surprised if the cops don’t claim that this man was being violent, like they’ve done in similar situations..

Bound Hostage Killed by FBI in Botched Raid Grabbed Agent’s Rifle, Sheriff Says:

Tosh.0 Production Assistant, Taken Hostage, Accidentally Killed by LAPD: