Details Continue to Emerge in Botham Jean’s Murder Investigation

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Video Claims To Show Dallas Officer After Killing Botham Shem Jean:

(Meko Haze) In Dallas, Texas a warrant has been issued for manslaughter after an off-duty female police officer walked into her neighbor’s apartment and shot him. It was announced that 26-year-old Botham Shem Jean died from his wound.

In possibly one of the strangest stories behind a police officer related shooting, the officer claims she walked into Jean’s apartment thinking it was her apartment. The female office believed Jean was an intruder and shot him. It is unknown what words were exchanged before the officer shot Jean.

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My Commentary: As the details continue to trickle out, the emerging picture isn’t looking good for this killer cop. Some neighbors are claiming that the pig was banging on the door to her victim’s apartment, demanding entry , and that she eventually busted it open, before killing him. Others are claiming that the two had dated, prior to this incident…

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