Discussing Heroism as Another Casualty of America’s Police State

The following debate originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “Heroism Another Casualty of America’s Police State“…

Innocent victim of police shooting, Tony Garces

RaynHe Disarmed a Possible Church Shooter — Then Police Arrived and Shot Him:

Please, serfs, don’t play hero… You’re not helping! Just allow shooters to fully execute their murderous plans with no resistance, or you’ll confuse police, and get yourself shot! Attacking an armed criminals while unarmed is dangerous, anyway!

In conclusion, if you don’t trust the police with your safety, you’re a crazy, racist gun-nut!

Sandra C.This is exactly why you Don’t give Teachers Guns!

Rayn: This is why police shouldn’t have guns… I’d be surprised if the cops don’t claim that this man was being violent, like they’ve done in similar situations..

Bound Hostage Killed by FBI in Botched Raid Grabbed Agent’s Rifle, Sheriff Says:

Tosh.0 Production Assistant, Taken Hostage, Accidentally Killed by LAPD:

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