Cowardly Criminal Captured After Being Caught on Video Beating and Robbing Defenseless 66-Year-Old Man

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of the now-closed Waltz-Astoria owner, Pedro Gonzalez…

Pedro Gonzalez: Let’s see him try that on someone his own age. We call people like him a coward!!

Criminal Caught on Video Robbing Defenseless 66-Year-Old Man on Brooklyn Subway Train:

Brian M.: This is crazy.

Brian M.: He,should have followed him and called the cops. They will easily catch this man if this guy reported that. That slippery piece of trash doesn’t go far.

Rayn: He was busted, at least…

Police Bust Goon Seen on Video Beating 66-Year-Old Man on Brooklyn Subway Train:

Jake B.: Not in front of me. No way I’d stand idely by and video this. Throw a hadoken at him or something.

Marion J.: this city has become a jungle again. what happened to respect for the elderly ?

Bailey P.: Wow. No one helped that guy? Asshole with the phone just stood there

Monise A.: The person with the phone was clearly scared. U know he wasn’t openly videoing this. It’s a damned shame!!!

Unless an Actual Crime is Being Committed, Please Avoid Calling the Police!

The following debate originally took place upon the Facebook wall of family, after they shared a photo they took…

Sara: Wtf is this? Is he about to shoot up the train?

Man with paintball gun safely zip-tied travels on MTA

Man with paintball gun safely zip-tied travels on MTA

Sulv M.: OMG!!! thats scary. is that real

Sara: Yes, dude looks very serious too. I don’t even wanna get on the same train as him.

Sulv M.: why would he be out with that? maybe you should tell a cop

Sara: Its like he’s showing off. The gun looks rigged with some kind of zip tie but I can’t tell what type of weapon it is. I’m on the train now. I just hope he’s not on the same one.

Janelle F.: Holy shit. I would’ve called the cops.

Sulv M.: thats scary! looks real. its illegal to have a fake black gun so he could get in trouble if its fake.

Thomas P.: I wouldn’t even take a chance. I would just call it in and wait for the next train.

Mark K.: It’s probably a paintball gun.

Sara: Mark, that’s what I was thinking but dumb move to be walking around like that looking like a psycho.

Genaire: Paintball gun. You can see the screw area for the co2 canister.

Janelle F.: Well, I still wouldn’t go anywhere near the guy. He can still shoot someone w/that thing.

George G.: Hope you waited for the next train

Sara: We’re home now. Not sure what train he got on but it was a paintball gun according to my friends here. Either way I’m glad to be far away from him.

Sherry A.: Omg anyone could grab that

Thomas P.: Common sense would dictate that isn’t the way you would walk around these days.

Genaire: Common sense would actually dictate that you would get into more trouble from attempting to conceal the weapon.

Thomas P.: Question is- is it a weapon?

Janelle F.: Read up to the convo about it being a paintball gun. ^^

GenairePaintball guns can do serious harm. With this stop and frisk nypd seems keen on doing I would want my paintball gun on full display.

Rayn: It’s just a paintball gun, so calling the cops is the ultimate slave’s answer! Such a move would only give NYPD thugs the opportunity to engage in another tax-funded public execution of a peaceful, innocent individual! (Click Here to Continue Reading This Post)

NYPD Appear to Beat Man for Falling Asleep on Train During His Trip Home

I originally posted the following information and commentary onto my Facebook wall…

NYPD Beat this Man for Sleeping on the Train on His Way Home From Work:

(Matt Agorist) A disturbing video was submitted to the Free Thought Project, via Facebook, which shows a New York man being assaulted by NYPD cops.

The alleged reason for the police harassment was that he fell asleep on the train.

In the video, we can hear the man plead with police to allow him to stay on the train so he can get home. He was on his way home from work, according to the video.

(Read entire article here…)

My Commentary: “The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.” – Fredrick Douglass

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