In Face of Blue Privilege Corruption, Resist State-Run Gun Control

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Cop Amber Guyger Is One Reason We Need Private Gun Ownership:

(Ryan McMaken) When advocates of gun confiscation complain about “guns” and say “no one needs a gun for x” all they are really saying — whether they understand it or not — is “I want only cops and soldiers to have guns.”

While gun control advocates often claim to be suspicious of police power, logic dictates that the gun-confiscation position is simply the position that only government employees should have guns. Similarly, more mild gun-regulation positions are designed to increase the coercive power of government over the taxpaying citizenry, and to lessen access to private sources of self-defense — thus increasing private-sector dependence on government police for “protection.”  The gun-regulation position is premised on the idea that only the police can really be trusted with gun ownership.

And what a terrible position that is.

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My Commentary: Only a mindless drone would push for State-run gun control in this climate of murderous Blue Privilege…

Blue Privilege Reigns Supreme in Case of Killer Dallas Cop

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State Senator Royce West and Dallas Police Chief U. Reneé Hall

Police Chief Hall, Mayor Provide Update on Shooting Death of Botham Shem Jean:

(Matt Goodman) Pleading for patience from the community, Dallas Police Chief U. Reneé Hall said Saturday that the Texas Rangers asked the department to delay requesting a warrant for the officer responsible for shooting and killing 26-year-old Botham Shem Jean in his Cedars apartment.

Police have said that the officer, who has not been named, mistook Jean’s apartment at the South Side Lofts for her own and shot and killed him upon somehow gaining entry. The rest of the specifics remain vague.

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My Commentary: The lack of an immediate arrest only happened to help this pig sober up and get her story straight. Even though she committed her crime as a civilian, she’s still being protected by the thin blue line. She broke into an innocent man’s home, and murdered him by discharging her weapon, while intoxicated. Statism is a disease… #EndBluePrivilege

Check Your Blue Privilege, Statist!

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"Badges don't grant extra rights"

“Badges don’t grant extra rights”

My Commentary: “Check your privilege,” Statists. All delusions, aside, human rights are actually universal.