Most Philadelphians Evade Illegitimate Soda Tax

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Drink Taxes Damage the Economy and Do Nothing to Cut Sugar Intake:

(Susan Neely) The start of the new year means new resolutions for millions of Americans. These include resolutions to lose weight, eat better, exercise more, and save money. In Philadelphia, local leaders set their own goals last January to curb obesity and raise revenue through a new tax on non-alcoholic beverages. But like so many New Year’s resolutions, the Philadelphia beverage tax fell short of the promises local officials made to consumers.

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My Commentary: Whoa! Turns out that most Philadelphians are tax-evading criminals, who prefer to “steal” from the “public,” rather than pay their “fair share”! LOL!

The Criminals Long-Ago Adapted to the System of “Justice” Known as Government

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30 Cops Arrested Over Weekend For Rape, Child-Molestation, Child-Pornography and Domestic Violence:

(Jacob Crawford) It’s been both a busy and a messy week for law enforcement across the nation as multiple officers are arrested and charged with crimes ranging from rape, domestic violence, and child porn, to driving while intoxicated

September 12: Veteran CHP officer arrested in Child Pornography case
This past monday, CHP Officer Patrick Francis Cooney Jr, 54, was arrested by Placer County sheriff’s detectives on suspicion of transmitting child pornography. Cooney’s residence was raided and electronic devices seized. Chief Janice Mulanix of the CHP Valley Division in Sacramento claimed that Cooney’s powers as a police officer have been revoked.

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My Commentary: The criminals long-ago adapted to your weak and pathetic system of “justice,” but you’re just too blind and arrogant to admit it…

Enjoy getting screwed, America! 🙂 You earned it! 😉

Does Refusal of Corrupt State Control of Gigantic, Nationwide, Compulsory-Based Systems of Retirement, Disability and Medical Insurance Automatically Indicate Lack of Desire for Free-Market Version of These Services?

The following debate originally took place upon the Facebook wall of my friend, Brooke N…

Brooke N.:

“So you want the government to ‘stop giving poor people free stuff’? Funny how you don’t care about the $70 billion a year we spend on subsidizing Wall St. Banks, the $38 billion in subsidies given to oil companies, the $2.1 trillion that Fortune 500 corporations are stashing abroad to avoid paying U.S. taxes, and the $153 billion a year we spend to subsidize McDonald’s and Walmart’s low-wage workers?”

Gene K.: And another thing….. some of the “Reddest” states receive the greatest amounts of welfare…… and HATE that people get “handouts” from the government…. I need somebody to explain that logic to me….

Brooke N.: Not logic, greed and blindness. I know Libertarian people who are on Disability and want to get rid of Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid. I don’t think there’s any to accuse this of being logic.

Gene K.: Yes, I know a lot of people of many persuasions that hate anything that smacks of socialized medicine. It is like they think that medical bills are paid by the Medical Bill Fairy and are not subsidized by all of the people using the medical care system.

Folks, there ain’t no free ride. Sorry. There. Just. Isn’t.

Brooke N.: But it’s possible to make life a little easier for 99% of the people instead of utterly effortless for the 1% 🙂


“We disapprove of State education. Then, the socialists say that we are opposed to any education. We object to a State religion. Then the socialists say that we want no religion at all. We object to a State-enforced equality. Then they say that we are against equality.
It is as if the socialists were to accuse us of not wanting persons to eat because we do not want the State to raise grain.” – Frederic Bastiat, The Law

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When Government Works to “Solve” the Problem it Created

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“No Child Left Behind”

AtLas‘: Obama Announces End Of ‘No Child Left Behind’ Era: Education Is More Than Tests:


“Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure.” – Robert LeFevre

Behold! State Delivers “Justice” in Their War Against a Non-Toxic Plant

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“A family had this baby taken away after the father admitted to using marijuana in Colorado where marijuana is legal. The baby was given to this 20-year-old State-approved foster care parent where she died from blunt force trauma to the head.”

My Commentary: “Justice”