The Criminals Long-Ago Adapted to the System of “Justice” Known as Government

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30 Cops Arrested Over Weekend For Rape, Child-Molestation, Child-Pornography and Domestic Violence:

(Jacob Crawford) It’s been both a busy and a messy week for law enforcement across the nation as multiple officers are arrested and charged with crimes ranging from rape, domestic violence, and child porn, to driving while intoxicated

September 12: Veteran CHP officer arrested in Child Pornography case
This past monday, CHP Officer Patrick Francis Cooney Jr, 54, was arrested by Placer County sheriff’s detectives on suspicion of transmitting child pornography. Cooney’s residence was raided and electronic devices seized. Chief Janice Mulanix of the CHP Valley Division in Sacramento claimed that Cooney’s powers as a police officer have been revoked.

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My Commentary: The criminals long-ago adapted to your weak and pathetic system of “justice,” but you’re just too blind and arrogant to admit it…

Enjoy getting screwed, America! 🙂 You earned it! 😉