Discussing Fukushima Radiation Contamination in American Food Supplies

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of family…

2011-04-14 - Discussing Fukushima Radiation Contamination in American Food Supplies

Genaire: Radiation Detected In Drinking Water In 13 More US Cities, Cesium-137 In Vermont Milk:

Rayn: Literally sickening!

Jonas A.: Yeah…radiation..Made in Japan…how sad this world is 🙁

Claudia C.: The Japanese could have handled the situation better. To not taint their “oh so pure image” they decided to lie and try to contain the disaster on their own, refusing much needed help. Their irresponsible behavior ultimately led to a disaster that could have been contained

Liars Lie and Individuals Die!

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of my friend, Claudia C…

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster

Claudia C.: The true face of Japan is showing, if anyone needed them to come out and admit what the whole world already knew, that the nuclear plant is a major disaster. Why do they have to lie?

Claudia C.: These morons are incompetent, plain and simple.

Rayn: Remember when the EPA lied about the air quality at Ground Zero after 9/11? Much like the nuclear disaster being covered up by the Japanese government for these past few weeks, I believe that the cowards-that-be do this sort of thing for the illusion of control it creates. Bush had Christie Whitman deceive the public in order to keep the economy running full speed ahead, regardless of the damage to rescue workers, and others. I worked at DOH, six blocks from WTC, and on 9/12, the City of New York wanted me to hand out PAPER MASKS at Ground Zero! I literally laughed out loud when my regional supervisor suggested such a thing! How could I ignore my burning eyes, and the putridly saturating, inescapable taste and smell of metallic, plastic, chemical cremated death? So, I went home for the month, while many others went on to become very ill…

The real question we should be asking ourselves is, “why do we need governments to recognize danger in order for us to appropriately respond to it?” Who is in control of whom, here? When did we all become such sheep?

Claudia C.: What is wrong here is that certain people elect to make certain choices that will serve the interest of a minority that happens to those that make huge profits, that represent corporations. The rest of the people, us, we are simply ignored, because, according to these demonic creatures, we don’t really mean much in the big scheme of things, apart from some very much needed votes here and there and work force to make them more money, that, in turn, gives them more power.

FBI Discloses a Tidbit of Information About UFO Crash in Roswell, New Mexico

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of an acquaintance…

2011-04-12 - FBI Discloses a Tidbit of Information About UFO Crash in Roswell, New Mexico

“Roswell, New Mexico”

Jason T.: FBI Finally Admits to Roswell:

Rayn: Say word!

Discussing the Various Problems with “Clinical Drug Trials”

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of my friend, and fellow Autistic self-advocate, Jason Ross…

JasonWhy FDA Drugs Kill People – Mind Control Report:

Rayn: Here’s something else wrong with clinical trials:

Placebo Fraud Rocks Very Foundation of Modern Medical Science; Thousands of Clinical Trials Invalidated:

Is it “Naive” to Expect Equality and the Preservation of All Natural Rights in America?

The following debate originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “There is only ONE RACE of Homo Sapiens: THE HUMAN RACE!“…

A Beautiful Two-Toned Married Couple

A Beautiful Two-Toned Married Couple

Rayn: 46 Percent of Mississippi Republicans Want Interracial Marriage Banned:

There is only ONE RACE of Homo Sapiens: THE HUMAN RACE! ! Who else is sick to death of this pathologically pathetic, pseudo-scientific “race” nonsense? Why is this JUNK SCIENCE STILL being shoved down our collective throats? And, without so much as a peep from the public, or the media, too? Talk about SUSPECT! As Individuals, it’s time for us to start UNLEARNING LIES, and EMBRACING TRUTH!  The idea behind “race” is, by far, one of the most “racist” things you could honestly imagine, invented by pure white supremacists! I wish we could all understand just how tied into eugenics the concept of “race” is, so that we can collectively expose and discard this despicable word and concept! It has everything to do with the promotion of “racial hygiene,” and NOTHING to do with REALITY!!!! I can’t remain silent as those  around me continue to spew their babblings, based upon controller-manufactured concepts of death! I am literally COMPELLED to RESIST the MIND-POISON!

Rayn: It’s time for Americans to start UNLEARNING LIES, and EMBRACING TRUTH!

Katherine C.: It’s Mississippi…what do you expect??

Jordan K.: When you google mississippi one of the things that comes up is they’re trying to ban fat people from eating in public.

Stacie T.: If the mind is open, it accepts all knowledge. If it is closed, knowledge knocks elsewhere and another lonely ignoramous joins the heard of mindless sheep.

Rayn: I really don’t care which State of the Union we’re talking about, Katherine. I ALWAYS expect equality and the preservation of all natural rights in America, regardless of the will of the oppressors!

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