Don’t Like Corporations? Well, Guess What? Governments Are Responsible for Legally Creating Them!

The following debate originally took place upon my Facebook wall, after I posted artwork being shared by the page, “V is for Voluntary”…


“Democide: if you support government, you’ve probably never heard of this.”

“Democide: if you support government, you’ve probably never heard of this.”

Daniel F.: And when corporations essentially have all the power of governments, what’s the difference?

Rayn: So, you’re telling me that you STILL haven’t realized that governments are the ones responsible for “legally” CREATING these “power[ful]” corporations you speak of? LOL!

Either way, both of these legal fictions essentially function as protective Straw-men, by LIMITING THE PERSONAL LIABILITY of those humans who operate them, while maximizing their personal profitability! But, alas, you’re missing the point of this post…

Did you even take a moment to notice the comment that originally came with this picture before posting your response to it? It says, “Statists be like, ‘but corporations are evil’.” In other words, your Red herring fallacy of a response is such a predictably off-topic digression, it might as well have been pre-programmed into you by an outside influence. As it stands, I view it as your means of quickly eliminating the cognitive dissonance you experienced when you attempted to reconcile your active support of Statism with the fact that it is WELL-ESTABLISHED as the number one murderer of human beings around the globe for the last century.

"Governments murdered 262,000,000 disarmed civilians in the 20th century. Anti-Statism is a life saver." (Artwork originally located here, where it was posted by the Facebook page, "Bastiat Institute")

“Governments murdered 262,000,000 disarmed civilians in the 20th century. Anti-Statism is a life saver.”
(Artwork originally located here, upon the Facebook page, “Bastiat Institute“)

I would suggest you engage in some deeply Critical thinking about the topic of hundreds of millions being murdered by their own governments, aka “Democide” and you’ll soon find yourself completely out of excuses for supporting the State, and might even feel ashamed that you ever even remotely consented to such an abominable system of coercion, exploitation and violence against your fellow man.

Otherwise, simply ignore me as a “lunatic fringe,” and keep on voting harder for more of that “necessary” evil (the lesser of two, of course) to keep you feeling safe and secure in your person. If that’s the case, then I wish you well in your journey, and hope that you are able to find some semblance of comfort in being “ruled” by an “elect”-caste of sociopathic, morally-inferior “betters.”

In the words of Samuel Adams:

“Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”

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