A Government Penalty Fee for Failure to Purchase a Product is Just Another Form of Taxation

As I scrolled through my Facebook news feed, I discovered the following artwork here, being shared by the page, “A Truly Free Market,” and originally posted it to my own wall, along with commentary…

“Wait… You mean to tell me we can tax them for NOT buying tea?”

My Commentary: 😉

Decimating Disinformation Regarding Ms. Lauryn Hill’s Stand Against the Theft of Taxation

The following correspondence originally took place here, on the Facebook wall of Ms. Lauryn Hill

"Taxation is theft"

“Taxation is theft”

Marybett M.: So you’re PROUD to say you didn’t pay taxes cuz your ancestors were slaves. Hmmmm my ancestors died trying to free yours but I sure don’t hear “thank you”. More over if you did any kind of real research you would realize iSLAM is the “original slave trader.”

I don’t sit down on a pity pot and WHINE!

Rayn: You are simply regurgitating DISINFORMATION that is being circulated by the mainstream media monopoly for the purposes of discrediting Ms. Hill, and emotionally riling up those who aren’t interested in doing their own research about the situation! Lauryn Hill stated EXACTLY why she withheld paying taxes on her very own Tumblr page, if you are really interested:


Marybett M.Regurgitating disinformation. Yes I do understand that cycle. You give mainstream a topic especially on someone who they don’t like their views on and it will be recycled refurgitation.
However I did come across this quote. “She explained that she hasn’t paid taxes since she withdrew from society to guarantee the safety and well-being of herself and her family.”

If it’s true, I can appreciate the intent to withdraw from society because of it’s moral corruption, I GET THAT AND SO DO MANY OTHERS. However, it still stands that we have to “render to ceasar…”

Personally, if she’s that principled and has the courage to withstand what lamestream may say, she could certainly earn doing tours. There are many that support that same view especially if there’s any “spirituality” in that as well.
It’s hard to stand up to the system but you still have to do the next right thing.

Health Commissioner in Nanny State New York Calls for a Tax on Drinks With Sugar

I originally shared the following news commentary onto my Facebook wall…

"Soda Jerks" (artwork by Glenn Foden)

“Soda Jerks”
(Artwork by Glenn Foden)

New York’s Health Commissioner Calls for a Tax on Drinks With Sugar:

(Anemona HartocollisNew York Times) – A month after Gov. David A. Paterson dropped his proposal for a soda tax, New York City’s health commissioner has written an article advocating “hefty” taxes on sodas and sports drinks containing sugar. Such a tax, the article said, could be the biggest boon to public health since tobacco taxes.

The commissioner, Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, and Kelly D. Brownell of Yale University, his co-author, argue in the New England Journal of Medicine that a tax of a penny per ounce could reduce consumption by more than 10 percent and raise $1.2 billion a year in New York State alone.

(Read entire article here…)

My Commentary: First they taxed the tobacco smokers, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a tobacco smoker…

I wonder if all those sheeple that thought it was such a “great idea” to let our BIG BROTHER government regulate their freedom still believe that they made the right decision. DID YOU REALLY THINK THEY WOULD STOP AT TOBACCO SMOKERS!? Ha!

Hasn’t anyone seen the movie, “I, Robot”? Remember V.I.C.K.I.? Statistically, humans engage in many behaviors that aren’t necessarily good for them. But, if we allow the government to control us based on “protecting us from ourselves,” eventually they will take away our very freedom to even leave our house! Why? Because the world can be a very dangerous place! QUALITY OF LIFE simply does not factor in to the concerted efforts of power-hungry pigs to control our very existence!

Enjoy your SLAVERY, America, ‘cuz this battle against our freedom is far from over!