Victimless Pre-Crime “Laws” Provide State Agents “Legal” Pretext to Target Otherwise Innocent, Peaceful Individuals for Extortion

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Tickets for Drivers Drinking Coffee? N.J. Lawmakers Discussing it Today:

(Brent JohnsonLast month, a bill was introduced in the state Legislature that caused some to worry they may soon be ticketed for drinking coffee behind the wheel.

On Thursday morning, the state Assembly transportation committee will discuss that measure and two similar bills as it holds a hearing to consider how the Garden State can crack down on distracted driving.

The panel will also hear testimony from the National Transportation Safety Board on an issue that data shows has become a leading cause for fatal care crashes in the age of cell phones and other gadgets.

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My Commentary: Victimless pre-crime “laws”: providing agents of the State the “legal” pretext to accost otherwise innocent and peaceful people, in the hopes of extorting them “for their safety.” Question or resist this injustice, and you will be beaten, arrested, thrown into a cage, and/or murdered.

Repeat after me: We are free! We just need more laws! We just need more taxes! We just need the right ruler! 😉

Taxes Are Price We Pay for Tyranny

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"Taxes are the price we pay to live in a civilized society"

“Taxes are the price we pay to live in a civilized society”

My Commentary: Plus, Muh Roads!

Agents of the State Armed and Ready to Commit Murders and Kidnappings to Faithfully Enforce Imaginary Lines Drawn On Map Over a Century Ago By Imperialists

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Vehicle checkpoint in Laredo, Texas

Vehicle checkpoint in Laredo, Texas

While travelling through Laredo, Texas, encountering agents of the State who are armed and ready to commit murders and kidnappings in order to faithfully enforce imaginary lines drawn on a map over a century and a half ago by imperialistic, human-sacrificing, indigenous-massacring, white supremacist death-worshipers.

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