Debating the Eugenics Behind Vaccinations

The following debate originally took place upon my post, “Over a Century of Vaccine Injuries and Deaths in Children

Rayn: Eugenics…

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Jennifer H.: On which side?

Rayn: On the “official” side, like usual…

Rayn: Same target, as usual, too…

Jennifer H.: I’m not sure exactly what you’re trying to say. Can you clarify?

Rayn: Okay. Read the “product information sheet” for the MMR-II vaccine:

Pay special attention to the sections entitled, “Contraindications,” “Warnings,” “Precautions,” and “Adverse Reactions.”

Also, if you have been previously vaccinated at any time, exactly how many of those times were you, your parents, or guardian, given any sort of product insert to read over *before* making a final decision to “consent”? In my case, I can attest to receiving this information a full 0% of the time, over the course of a fifteen year period, spanning across doctor’s offices in three States, and through over a dozen needle jabs…

Jennifer H.: Literally every time, actually, because that’s what they’re for? I had to sign a consent form to get a flu shot.

Jennifer H.: Not sure what that has to do with eugenics but OK, at least I’m clear on what this is now.

Jennifer H.: If you choose not to read what you’re signing that’s on you. ??

Jennifer H.: So, out of curiosity, what exactly is using the threat of disability as a tool of fear called?

Jennifer H.: It sounds oddly familiar. Hmm…

Rayn: My parents never received one even once, not for myself, nor any of my three siblings. Can’t “choose not to read” what was never provided in two decades of vaccinations, across three States.

Jennifer H.: So the consent forms were…blank?

Jennifer H.: Still waiting for the answer to the original question, but I guess talking about package inserts is way easier than clarifying what “target” you’re talking about.

Jennifer H.: “If I derail enough, everyone will forget this was about eugenics!”

Jennifer H.: I wonder what letting people die of vaccine-preventable disease would be called. ?

Rayn: Using the threat of disability as a tool of fear? By all means, feel free to pontificate away…

Rayn.: “If I derail enough, everyone will forget this was about eugenics!” I knew you were speed-posting for a reason…

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Discussing Over-Prescribing, and Non-Disclosure of Risk, Regarding Contraceptive Pill

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “The Contraceptive Pill as a Form of Soft-Kill Eugenics“…


Rayn: Soft-kill eugenics…

Why I Think Doctors Are Over-Prescribing the Pill:

Emily C.: Good article, Rayn. This Dr talks about the venereal disease and associated disease epidemic associated with oral contraceptive pill use. I did not see the mention anywhere that condoms can protect against these awful, debilitating, and deadly diseases.
I honestly think that oral contraceptive pills should be free, require no Dr prescription, and available easily at any convenience store or pharmacy.

Alison K.: I was always baffled by our peers who voluntarily took the pill, Drs tried putting me on it, I always declined. Now they love pushing IUDs – every damn visit. It’s actually hard to find a DR that isn’t just a shill for the pharmaceutical industry. Who in their right mind would allow a copper implant to be put in them?

The Contraceptive Pill as a Form of Soft-Kill Eugenics

I originally posted the following information and commentary onto my Facebook wall…


Why I Think Doctors Are Over-Prescribing the Pill:

(Dr. John Littell) It was at a medical conference in Orlando, Florida, some years back when I decided I must write a book about, and for, women who have been victimized by the health care system. As a family physician practicing for more than twenty-five years, I’ve had countless women come through my doors with a myriad of gynecologic concerns. At this particular conference, I asked the lecturer—a prominent women’s health physician—to explain why he did not mention the connection between cervical cancer and the use of oral contraceptives in his talk on cervical cancer. He replied (before three hundred other physicians), “Let’s keep that to ourselves.”

Let’s keep that to ourselves? Keep information from patients?

The status quo, it seemed, was this: Let’s keep women in the dark about the risks associated with using the Pill…

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My Commentary:  Soft-kill eugenics…