The Contraceptive Pill as a Form of Soft-Kill Eugenics

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Why I Think Doctors Are Over-Prescribing the Pill:

(Dr. John Littell) It was at a medical conference in Orlando, Florida, some years back when I decided I must write a book about, and for, women who have been victimized by the health care system. As a family physician practicing for more than twenty-five years, I’ve had countless women come through my doors with a myriad of gynecologic concerns. At this particular conference, I asked the lecturer—a prominent women’s health physician—to explain why he did not mention the connection between cervical cancer and the use of oral contraceptives in his talk on cervical cancer. He replied (before three hundred other physicians), “Let’s keep that to ourselves.”

Let’s keep that to ourselves? Keep information from patients?

The status quo, it seemed, was this: Let’s keep women in the dark about the risks associated with using the Pill…

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My Commentary:  Soft-kill eugenics…

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