Discussing Over-Prescribing, and Non-Disclosure of Risk, Regarding Contraceptive Pill

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “The Contraceptive Pill as a Form of Soft-Kill Eugenics“…


Rayn: Soft-kill eugenics…

Why I Think Doctors Are Over-Prescribing the Pill:

Emily C.: Good article, Rayn. This Dr talks about the venereal disease and associated disease epidemic associated with oral contraceptive pill use. I did not see the mention anywhere that condoms can protect against these awful, debilitating, and deadly diseases.
I honestly think that oral contraceptive pills should be free, require no Dr prescription, and available easily at any convenience store or pharmacy.

Alison K.: I was always baffled by our peers who voluntarily took the pill, Drs tried putting me on it, I always declined. Now they love pushing IUDs – every damn visit. It’s actually hard to find a DR that isn’t just a shill for the pharmaceutical industry. Who in their right mind would allow a copper implant to be put in them?

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