Anderson Cooper: Rich Elitist, CIA Operative & Professional Actor

The following article was inspired by my debate, “Discussing Egypt’s Revolution“…

2011-02-02 - Anderson Cooper - Rich Elitist, CIA Operative & Professional Actor

Anderson Cooper has the word “actor” written all over his face. To me, he’s simply not believable as the “regular person” he presents himself to be. There is something very “manufactured” him. In doing some quick research about his background, I discovered the following facts:

  1. Anderson Cooper is the great-great-great-grandson of Cornelius Vanderbilt, a super-wealthy shipping/railroad tycoon – one of the richest Americans in history. This information reveals that Cooper is a member of the ultra-wealthy “elite” class on the very top of the hierarchy, far removed from major society. Of course, in the spirit of unhealthy self-insulation, Cornelius even married his cousin towards the end of his life, helping to keep a portion of his wealth “all in the family.” (Click Here to Continue Reading This Post)