‘Solving’ the ‘Problem’ of Freedom is an Impossible, Endless ‘Job’

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San Francisco Lawmakers Move to Ban Companies From Giving Employees Free Onsite Food:

My Commentary: Wow… It’s almost like “solving” the “problem” of freedom is an impossible and endless “job” that only serves to incrementally implement tyranny…

But, Without Government, Who Would “Take Care” of the Homeless?

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Update: Department Of Homelessness Renews Effort To Dismantle Tent Encampments Citywide:

(Jack Morse) The newly created Department of Homelessness & Supportive Housing is set to begin the process of removing every single homeless encampment in the city — tent by tent. CBS 5 reports that the department’s deputy director, Sam Dodge, laid out this goal in conversation with the channel at the same time as SFPD Northern Station Captain John Jaimerena was telling Hoodline that his officers have no plans to take down encampments as it isn’t illegal to be homeless.

“We’ve seen an increase in encampments in the Mission district between 14th street and 19th street and South Van Ness and Harrison,” Dodge told CBS 5. “To try to go person by person, offer everyone at least shelter so that we can resolve an encampment.”

When pressed by CBS 5 if to “resolve an encampment” meant “taking them down,” Dodge replied, “yeah, that’s right.”

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My Commentary: “Taking care of” the homeless…

Answering Questions About Nude Trump Statue

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of my friend, Katherine C…

Nude Donald Trump statue located in Union Square Park, NYC

Nude Donald Trump statue located in Union Square Park, NYC

Katherine C.: Too far. This just stoops down to Trump’s level. If it had been Hillary or Bernie? What would you say?

11 Photos of NYC’s Naked Trump Statue:

Rayn: “The emperor has no clothes!”

Katherine C.: Yeah, but no. Still too far, and it’s as degrading as Trump would be. There are better ways to make a point and embarrass him.

Rayn: Oh. I was just answering your questions. I wasn’t condoning, nor condemning this renegade “art.”

Katherine C.: Oh, lol. Ok, I see.

Centralized “Legal” Authority is Humanity’s Worst Enemy

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BART Admits Halting Cell Service to Stop Protests:

(Michael Cabanatuan) BART’s shut-off of subterranean cell phone service in its downtown San Francisco stations may have prevented a protest Thursday, but it sparked accusations Friday that the action stifled free speech and smacked of the kind of government intrusion employed by Middle East dictators.

“All over the world, people are using mobile devices to protest oppressive regimes, and governments are shutting down cell phone towers and the Internet to stop them,” said Michael Risher, a staff attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California. “It’s outrageous that in San Francisco, BART is doing the same thing.”

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My Commentary: “The government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have.”

Centralized “legal” authority is humanity’s worst enemy.