‘Anti-Chipper,’ You Say?

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Anti-Chippers are the Latest Group of Awful People we Now Have to Worry About:

They’re paranoid, don’t believe in science, many have white supremacist tendencies, and most importantly they want you to know that microchip implants are super duper scary. They’re anti-chippers, and they’ve got literally dozens more braincells than your average anti-vaxxer. So, what’s their deal?

The coronavirus pandemic has the world’s most brilliant minds scrambling to find treatments, vaccines, and ways to improve public health going forward. One such savior is Bill Gates, the child-loving philanthropist who founded Microsoft. His proposal is to put a teeny tiny piece of silicone under everyone’s skin to improve lives by reducing healthcare costs and keeping track of the unhealthy.

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My Commentary: No worries, NPCs and NSPs! I’m very pro-chipper! Here’s my design for the “ChumoChipper 3000”!

by Rayn

Celine Dion Joins Long List of Celebrities Now Suffering from Lifelong, Debilitating Disease, Since Public Rollout of Experimental mRNA Jabs Began

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“Celine Dion’s Stiff-Person Syndrome”

My Commentary: Neurological? Is it jab-related?

Honoring the Memory of Phyllis and Chrissy: Fake Christmas Trees May Be Coated in Dangerous Chemicals

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Christine T.: “My heart is Broken 😢 My 2 Cats passed away on Dec 8 last week 😢 Please be careful if you have a flock Christmas tree.. My cats were sleeping in the Christmas tree box and injested the white flocking dust that fell off the tree into the box and passed away .. They were only 6 years old and very healthy I can’t believe this happened.. 🙏🙏🙏”

My Commentary: These two cats died because a synthetic Christmas tree, covered in fake snow dust, was brought into their home, and they slept in the box it came in. If they had merely endured light exposure to whatever these toxic chemicals were, instead, they might have developed cancer or liver disease, years later, without a single clue as to what the cause was.

Meanwhile, how many children are exposed to such products as these, every year, without a single clue how dangerous they are?

Spread this post, far and wide, so we can protect ourselves, our loved ones, and each other, from harm. It is deadly to trust in corporate $cience, because it’s soulless, and based purely in pursuit profit.

NYC Department of Health Continues to Feature a Muzzled, Lab-Rat-Jabbed Lady Liberty On Social Media

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My Commentary: Liberty, muzzled, and lab-rat-jabbed, with no eyes to see, nor ears to hear. What a PERFECT symbol for the Rotten Big Apple!


Media Darling Depopulationists, Bill Gates, Continues to Openly Promote Crimes Against Humanity

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Nothing to See Here, Just Bill Gates Explaining How We Need to Lower the Population of Earth to Save the Planet:

(Harris Rigby) Maybe I’m the crazy one here, but I think that Bill Gates, one of the richest and most influential people on the planet, just casually talking about decreasing the population is a tad bit unsettling.

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My Commentary: Let’s start with you, scumbag, then all of your eugenicist pals. This way, we can save humanity and the planet!