Taxes Are the Price We Pay Armed Gangs of Murderers to Arbitrarily Execute Us, Under ‘Color of Law’

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My Commentary: Taxes are the price we pay armed gangs of murderers to arbitrarily execute us, under “color of law,” for attempting to travel through their “territory.” If the soulless corporate scribble on paper called “government” claims to derive its “powers” from “the People,” how exactly do agents of the State continue to imagine that they have a “right” to take the lives of innocents? It’s because YOU won’t STAND UP TO these SOCIOPATHIC “LAWMAKERS” as they regularly codify enforcement of VICTIMLESS CRIMES, like “turn signal violations” and “seat belt violations.” You have allowed a man-made BEAST to seize control over the INNOCENT, even though this soulless apparatus was ORIGINALLY ONLY GIVEN JURISDICTION OVER CRIMINALS! For centuries, these demons have been writing laws too numerous to even enforce, in a legislative effort to seize control over every waking aspect of our lives. This is what all empires do, on the path to self-destruction…

“The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.” ― Tacitus, Roman Senator

“The more laws, the less justice.” ― Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman Statesman

Embrace your Individual Sovereignty as an “I AM” of the “I AM THAT I AM,” as “HE IS” the Author of TEN PERFECT LAWS for humanity to LIVE BY, FOREVER. Then, prove your love for all of the other I AM through the Non-Aggression Principle, and Voluntaryism! Your entire man-made legal system of common laws and natural rights is “inspired” from the body and property rights established by the “Ten Commandments,” which are the only words in Scripture written directly by the Hand of the Original and Everlasting Individual. Keep in mind that your alphabetic writing system is Hebrew, your week is Hebrew, your weekend day off is Hebrew. The United States had a 98% literacy rate in the 1850’s because the generations of those times were escaping their European States and false Religious authorities to read Scripture, for themselves, while the Catholic Church had forbidden the practice, and burned more “bibles” than any group in human history, in their lust to claim salvage rights over the human soul, itself…

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