What if Police Begin Labeling Their Reckless Murders “Collateral Damage”?

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Chicago Cops Using State Law to Kill then Charging Innocent People for Murder They Committed:

An investigation into 10 recent Chicago criminal cases unearthed the extraordinary reach of the state’s “felony murder rule,” which is being used to cover up police crime, as well as prosecute and incarcerate the innocent, according to a report.

“Among the ten recent felony murder cases…three stem from police officers firing at fleeing vehicles in apparent violation of the department’s ‘deadly force’ policy, which since February 2015 has forbidden the practice,”according to findings by the Chicago Reader.

The revelation came while investigating the case of Tevin Louis, who was charged and convicted of the murder of his friend, Marquise Sampson, even though Sampson was fatally shot by police on Chicago’s South Side.

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My Commentary: What if police just start calling their reckless murders of innocent bystanders and car passengers in their pursuit of suspects “collateral damage”? Will Americans start defending their actions? Or, is this practice only acceptable when the US military uses it as a label for the thousands of dead Iraqis, Afghanis, Pakistanis, Libyans, Yemenis, Somalians, and Syrians they’ve murdered in our name, and using our tax dollarsl? #InnocentLivesMatter
#CheckYourStatistPrivilege #DontLookNowButYourReligionIsShowing #BaalWorship

Obama-Led Drone Strikes Kill Innocents 90% of the Time in Afghanistan, in Just a Single Five-Month Campaign:

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