Imperialism and Genocide Go Hand-in-Hand

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"You write what you're told! Thanks, corporate news! We couldn't control the people without you!" (Artwork by Micah Ian Wright. For more, go to:

“You write what you’re told!
Thanks, corporate news!
We couldn’t control the people without you!”
(Artwork by Micah Ian Wright. For more, go to:

The NY Times Whitewashes Destruction of Middle East Through US imperialism and Considers Ethnic Cleansing:

(Eric London) The entirety of the August 14 print edition of the New York Times Magazine is dedicated to a series titled “Fractured Lands: How the Arab World Came Apart,” by Scott Anderson. The series is 60 pages long and includes detailed sketches of the lives of six people from various parts of the Middle East dating back to the years before the 2003 US invasion of Iraq, through the Arab Spring, the rise of ISIS in 2014-15, and the migratory outpouring from the war-torn region.

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My Commentary: Imperialism and genocide go hand-in-hand…

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