Tyranny, 2016! Four More Wars!

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “Hillary Clinton, the Unrepentant Warmonger“…

Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump

Presidential Candidates Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump

RaynThe New York Times Accurately Portrays Hillary Clinton as an Unrepentant Warmonger:

Hillary Clinton is an Unrepentant Warmonger. Vote for Hillary! Four more wars!

Rebekah P.: Yo The Newspapers I just saw in the store were literally signs o the Times! Wish I was able to post them now, one stated: Trump win=Apocalypse. The Wall St Journal has a pic of Big Bif & Hill side by side, one red & one blue shaded looking like evil eyed Twin idiots

Daniel Sv.: What’s your view on Sanders?

Rayn: Sanders is another scoundrel: political parasite, profession loafer, war-pig, socialist scum… You name it.

Here’s a recent article I posted about him…

Both Historically and Presently, Berie Sanders Does Not Qualify as a Legitimate Peace Candidate:

Rayn: Here’s another writing I posted… that you’ll likely appreciate…

Major 2016 Presidential Candidates for Both Parties Represent Different Flavors of Tyranny:

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