Discussing State School Punishment of Achievement

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “State Schools Have ‘Zero Tolerance’… for Genuine, Organic Achievements, That Is!“…

Piano Phenom, Avery Gagliano

RaynIn D.C., a 13-Year-Old Piano Prodigy is Treated as a Truant Instead of a Star Student:

As always, State schools have “zero tolerance” for genuine, organic achievements! Children must be taught to comply, to conform, to regiment, and to be held the standard of the “average,” or else, risk butting heads with gate-keeping, authoritarian government mercenaries!

Sara: Someone should start a fundraiser for her to attend private school. She deserves a scholarship.

Jason R.: that’s the way society is, and in order to change society everyone needs to agree!

Jason R.: However, it’s a sad how many people agree with the wrong things. It’s time to let people just be!

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