DemoCrackPots and RepubliConArtists are Indistinguishable!

As I scrolled through my Facebook news feed, I discovered the following artwork here, being shared by the page, “Just Statist Things,” and originally posted it to my own wall, along with commentary…

"role models. juststatisthings"

“role models. juststatisthings”

My CommentaryWhen the skull-faced war-vampire on the left croaked, “impeachment is off the table,” back in November of 2006, those remaining blue party voters actually worth their weight in integrity should have instantly vacated the two-party circus for reality, finally understanding the DemoCrackPots to be indistinguishable from the RepubliConArtists in regards to the most serious and pressing issues facing America at the time: Bush’s crimes against peace (wars of aggression in Afghanistan & Iraq), crimes against humanity (regularly drone bombing civilians in Pakistan), and war crimes (policy of torture)! Refusing to hold Bush accountable was obstruction of justice, and was really only done to satisfy the demands of the war-profiteering companies that sponsor the two bought-and-sold fraud parties. The slime-ball Republican “representatives” were raking in cash, hand-over-cloven-hoof, and greedy Democratic “representatives” wanted a turn to collect their own “fair share” of the spoils of war.

Though I was born Individually Sovereign, it might surprise some to learn that I was, in fact, raised as a Democrat, by Democratic parents. And, while I did often struggle with the seemingly-illogical idea of voting for an ultra-wealthy, professionally-lying sociopath to somehow “represent” my voice, especially after enduring almost four years of state-created-yet-state-as-a-solution-based homelessness in my adolescence – it was only after just a single round of reluctantly voting for my very first new master that I quickly lost what little faith I had in the whole racket, upon witnessing Gore’s politically-motivated, tail-tucking retreat from conflict in the face of Bush’s obviously-stolen election. It was downright pathetic and cowardly. And, as I was no longer willing to associate myself with such weak and ineffectual charlatans, I walked away from their puppet show, and never looked back…

After some time, I registered for the Green Party, and took my very next small step towards the goal of full political emancipation! Soon after, I registered for the Libertarian Party. Since then, I’ve continued to take many more little steps down the path of liberty.

So, to all of the other recovering DemoRepubliCrats out there, here’s a question: when did you first realize that you had a political problem?

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