The Only Thing Mass Murdering War Criminals ‘Represent’ is Coercion and Violence

As I scrolled through my Facebook news feed, I discovered the following artwork here, being shared by the page, “The Liberty Revolution,” and originally posted it to my own wall, along with commentary…

“Pipebomber arrested
Drone bombers still on the loose”

My Commentary: The only thing these mass murdering war criminals “represent” is coercion and violence.

“Most Americans are so brainwashed by the time they complete twelve years of Government Education, that they cannot even recognize mass murder by the U.S. Government as a crime.” – Jeff Knaebel

Mail Bombing Suspect, Cesar Sayoc, is a Career Criminal

I originally posted the following information and commentary onto my Facebook wall…

Mail bombing suspect, Cesar Sayoc

Single Fingerprint Led FBI to ‘MAGAbomber’: Trump-Supporting, Bodybuilding ‘Native American’, 56, is Perp Walked to Jail After Being Charged with Five Federal Crimes and Faces 48 Years in Prison for Mailing 14 Pipe Bombs to Liberals:

(Ariel ZilberKeith GriffithJose LambietRyan Parry and Josh Boswell)  A single fingerprint helped the FBI crack the mail bombing spree targeting critics of President Donald Trump and identify a suspect, officials have revealed.

Cesar Altier Sayoc, 56, was taken into custody on Friday morning in Plantation, Florida in connection with the 14 suspicious packages that have been discovered this week.

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My Commentary: The suspected terrorist was born in Brooklyn, NY, and identifies as Native American. Here’s his business, “Native American Catering”:

He also had Seminole Tribe stickers on his car, and claimed to be a booking agent for Seminole Hard Rock Live, on his Facebook page.

He also been arrested for shoplifting, multiple times, possession and sale of steroids, and even for employing an explosive device. Also, his spouse accused him of domestic abuse in a civil filling. Read about those things, here:

Suspected Mail Bomber Used Twitter to Threaten Others, With No Consequences

I originally posted the following information and commentary onto my Facebook wall…

Mail bomb suspect, Cesar Sayoc

Cesar Sayoc Jr., Alleged Mail Bomber, Threatened Democrats on Twitter:

(Kelly Weill and Will Sommer) Cesar A. Sayoc, the Florida man reported to be the mail bombing suspect, frequently posted conspiratorial pro-Trump messages on Twitter or made threats to Democratic leaders, including some who would later receive potentially explosive devices in the mail this week.

Sayoc—who was named by several national media outlets as the man authorities arrested Friday in connection with the attempted bombings—tweeted frequently from what appears to be his account: @hardrock2016.

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My Commentary: So, once again, just like with the recent Florida shooter, this nut was making threats through Twitter, with no real consequences – even as the same service bans individuals for posting police brutality videos. And, this suspect’s van turns out to be covered with even more threats, as photos of multiple politicians and celebrities are displayed within the bulls-eye crosshairs of a gun scope… He’s already been arrested for making terroristic threats against a judge, too…

Even Ol’ Uncle Bernie Agrees…

I originally posted the following information and commentary onto my Facebook wall…

Anti-War Voices Applaud ‘Must-Read’ Sanders Op-Ed Demanding End to Yemen War:

Anti-war voices are praising a new “must-read” New York Times op-ed in which Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) called on Congress “to redefine our relationship with Saudi Arabia, and to show that the Saudis do not have a blank check to continue violating human rights” by revoking U.S. support for the Saudi and UAE-led war in Yemen.

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My Commentary: Even ol’ Uncle Bernie agrees…

Parody ISIS Flag Contained Within Recent Mail Bombs

I originally posted the following information and commentary onto my Facebook wall…

Mail bomb sent to CIA director, John Brennan, features parody ISIS flag

Explosive Device Sent to CNN Featured Parody ISIS Flag, ‘Get ‘Er Done’ Inscription:

(Ben Collins) An image on the explosive device sent to former CIA Director John Brennan on Tuesday appears to be a parody of an ISIS flag taken from a meme that has been circulating on right-wing corners of the internet since 2014.

The print-out appears to show a parody flag that replaces Arabic characters with the silhouette of three women in high heels, and a middle inscription reading “Get ‘Er Done” — which is the catchphrase of stand-up comedian Larry the Cable Guy.

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My Commentary: Guess this explains the “bombs” being crude failures.