Americans Vote Taco Bell as Best Mexican Restaurant in Country

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Taco Bell Voted Best Mexican Restaurant in the Country:

The Harris Poll, a nationwide customer survey of their favorite brands, has released its 2018 results.

The poll surveyed more than 77,000 customers in the U.S. on more than 3,000 brands to find which companies are the favorites among consumers.

Respondents weighed in on everything from printers to pizza, and the results are surprising. Here are some of consumers’ top choices.

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My Commentary: ???

Cop-Sucking, for a Beating Tomorrow!

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Blue Lives Matter Responds to Dallas Shooting…
“[Coleen Owens] There was no malicious intent. It was a mistake an error. She did not mean to go to his apartment and kill him. Murder or manslaughter will not stick on this case. It is similar to self defense. She thought she was in her apartment. Let us here 911 tapes.
This was not a race issue. It is extremely sad that he died, but she never intended on going home and having to use her gun.”
“[Nick G. Lagusis] Prayers for everyone involved. I’m sick and tired of people always trying to make it a race issue. And wouldn’t you know it it’s black preacher, black attorney looking for their 15 minutes of Fame.”
“[Will Spradlin] INNOCENT. Drop all charges and sue the city and police department for putting her in a situation of working 14 hrs in a high stress job.”
“[Luke Frost] She was in uniform and if she lives in the same jurisdiction where she works then obeying her commands is exactly what he should have done regardless of whose residence they were in. That is if she announced herself as a police officer.”
“[Courtney Diamond] If it was a white man or black on black… no one would make a big deal. America is becoming whinny little snowflakes.”
“[Steve Francis] If he would have obeyed her commands, he would be alive, and this would not have happened. She made a mistake on the apartment issue, but if someone, especially a cop, is pointing a gun at you, you damn sure need to obey commands.”
“[Derek Masino] No one’s arguing he was in his own home however if you have a gun pointed at you it’s a smart idea to listen to the person with the guns commands or guess what…. You guessed it you might get ur ass shot.”
“[Jane Kurtz] She was over worked in a high crime area, he didn’t say anything and ignored her commands. It’s a shame all around.”
“[Sharon Bradley] I have done the same thing as this officer, but realized my error when the key didn’t work. I understand his families feelings, but he did not respond to her commands. I believe i would have shot lower, but I guess i still would have shot. Sad accident.”
“[Gale Ttellam] Accidental shooting. No malice. She shouldn’t face any charges after the grand jury hears the facts. Sad situation, but the deceased should have followed her commands. He wouldn’t be dead. She made an honest mistake and it’s unfortunate, but I don’t see where she’ll be made culpable. Maybe in a civil suit, but not criminal.”

My Commentary: Cop-sucking slave-minded human waste receptacles…

Petty Bureaucracy Serves to Disenfranchise the Poor

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“Oregon DMV”

Lawsuit: Oregon’s Suspension of Driver’s Licenses for Traffic Fines ‘Punishes the Poor’:

(Maxine Bernstein) Suspending a driver’s license because of unpaid traffic fines unfairly targets poor people and is unconstitutional, a class-action lawsuit alleges.

The Oregon Law Center is representing five plaintiffs from Portland, Baker City, Pendleton and Mission who have had their driver’s licenses suspended for years or decades because they can’t afford to pay their spiraling debt from traffic violations.

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My Commentary: Keep telling yourself that all of this petty bureaucracy, and the “need” for it is about safety, rather than disenfranchisement… Keep clamoring for our enslavement…

Bong Hits, Straight to the Head!

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Canadian Dispensary Clerk Fights Off Three Burglars With a Giant Bong:

() Police are still investigating an aggravated burglary and robbery attempt at a cannabis dispensary in Ontario on September 6. Concealed behind black hoodies and wielding large cans of bear spray, four men sprang into the Recreational Cannabis Farmers Market in Shannonville before being fended off by a dispensary worker. With little more than a large glass bong, the owner battled through the spray and objects the burglars hurled at him, ultimately backing them out of the door. Tyendinaga Police are still seeking any information and leads about the incident. The burglars were last spotted heading west on Old Highway 2 in a white SUV.

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My Commentary: 😮

State Strips Cannabis Users of Right to Self-Defense

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Krissy Noble

Pot Prohibition Makes Self-Defense Illegal:

() When a stranger forced his way into her apartment, tackled her, punched her repeatedly, and tried to cover her mouth with a cloth, Krissy Noble says, she did what she thought was necessary to protect herself and her unborn baby. She grabbed a handgun from the coffee table and shot the man three times, then ran to a neighbor’s apartment and asked her to call the police.

Although local prosecutors agreed that the shooting was justified, Noble faces charges that could put her behind bars for years, thanks to a marijuana conviction that made it illegal for her to possess firearms. Her case shows how drug prohibition and indiscriminate gun laws conspire to deprive people of the constitutional right to armed self-defense.

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My Commentary: Seems legit…

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