Wherever COVID Jabs Go, Sudden Unexpected Death Follows

I originally posted the following artwork and statement onto my Facebook wall…

The link between Big Gov and Big Pharma’s high-tech salvation jabs and “sudden and unexpected” death is just a total coincidence, according to a whole bunch of career criminal organizations profiting from these tax-funded bioweapons while disenfranchising, censoring, and fraudulently “fact-checking” any dissent to their professionally-motivated, power-hungry, control-clutching opinions.

Trust the $cience, and take solace in the fact that you are the carbon that the experts in the field of population control want to reduce. This is the best and quickest way to save the planet’s largest network of criminal organizations: the Incorporated Body of the World’s Nation-States, also known as the House of Bondage. You should feel honored to finally learn who your species has been provoking to wrath, since ancient times. In their benevolence, your betters have determined this generation wise enough to forgo the ridiculous “angry weather gods” charade, because so many are finally embracing the nihilistic, self-loathing, and misanthropic views needed to lend their full support to the noble depopulation agenda.

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