Completely Eviscerating the Contrived Outrage of an Ignorant and Hypocritical Voting Slob

The following debate originally took place upon my Facebook wall after I shared a meme from here


“Hi, I’m “Russia massacred civilians in Buxha.” You may knife me from “Saddam has WMDs” and “Assad gassed his own people.”

Michael S.: I’m blocking you. I can’t be friends or acquaintances with a person who is willing to make fun of war crimes. Even if they have doubts about them. Its completely inhumane to do so. Yes, I understand that you have a right to do so. Guess what? Germans had a right to elect Hitler as German Chancellor as well. You need to use common sense as well.

Rayn: Michael, you voted for the two war criminals, Obama, and Biden, making you a pathetically laughable, hypocritical clown. Also, the meme I shared doesn’t “make fun of war crimes,” you ignorant, tone-deaf voting slob. It skeptically questions the latest propaganda being spread by the lying, thieving, mass-murdering, civilian-bombing, imperialist, war-criminal US government, and their pet puppet in the Ukraine – especially in consideration of the fact that the US is currently committing crimes against humanity in more than nine sovereign foreign nations throughout the Middle East and Africa, after lying their way into the initial conflict, using the provably-false “WMD” excuse.

Of course, I’ve been very publicly against all of America’s wars for almost two decades, now, while you were busy voting for war criminals to mass murder brown women and children in Arab and African nations. So, please spare me your contrived outrage. You have zero integrity, and zero credibility. To mention your “sacred” Statist voting ritual in any analogy relating to me is further evidence that you’re just a completely peripheral NPC, in my life. I’ve told you half a dozen times in Facebook debates with you that I’m a Voluntaryist, and I view voting as violence, if it’s not unanimous. Majority voting is not a right. It’s a coercive and criminal act.

Your exit is of no consequence to me. Good riddance! 👋🏼 😺

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