As Female Infanticide Skyrockets Under Deadly “One Child” Policy, China’s Wealthy Eat Human Baby As Delicacy

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"Eating People is Wrong"

“Eating People is Wrong”

Chinese Eat Baby Soup for Sex:

Zhu Yu Eats Stillborn Baby As a Form of “Art”:

My Commentary: This is abominable! I’m in shock to witness such an abhorrent display of arrogance against nature! Cannibalism is one of the most diseased things a creature could do on this earth! It leads to multiple forms of dementia & sickness! The pathogen transfer rate goes through the roof between two of the same species! This is insanity! This sort of despicable behavior will undoubtable cause the next plague! Mark my words!

There are false rumors circulating on the web that Zhu Yu’s baby-eating “art” performance is a “hoax,” while combining it together with the later Seoul Times Article as ONE EVENT. For example:

Determining this cannabalism to be “false” is completely ILLOGICAL and UNTRUE! It is important to begin by pointing out that Zhu Yu’s “art” show, in the originally linked article, was performed at a Shanghai arts festival in 2000, and did not feature any of the pictures shown in the Seoul Times news article I posted right underneath. The Seoul Times article was published LONG after the original Yu photos were INCORRECTLY CLAIMED as a “hoax” (art is what they are really being passed off for). Therefore, the two sources are completely separate, with no logical cause to combine them together as a single story.

More importantly, the artist Zhu Yu ADMITS TO EATING THE FETUS under the CLAIM THAT IT WAS “ART”:

Other articles also admit as much about Yu:

Channel 4 Will Show Performance Artist Eating Baby:

Baby-Eating Art Show Sparks Upset:
(article now only available through signup, so heres another:

Channel 4 to Show Artist Eating Dead Baby:

Eating Babies:

Understand that the Zhu Yu pictures are not actually an “urban legend,” but also, that they are not exactly the “standard,” either, as Yu is a so-called “artist,” and artists are known to do things for attention.

With that in mind, here are all of my compiled news reports on the subject, including the Seoul Times article, showing that the consumption of human fetuses in China is not something that can be dismissed as an “urban legend,” but much more likely, appears to be a trend that has been quietly practiced among a small minority of the population within China for a number of years:

Chinese Trade in Human Fetuses for Consumption is Uncovered (1995):

Chinese Eat Baby Soup for Sex (2009):

(original article of pictures here (2005):

Hong Kong Reports Mainland Chinese Eating Infants (2007):

Book Reveals Fetal Soup Served in Chinese Restaurants (2008):

We must ALL be made aware of what is taking place right under our noses! And, as the fetuses referred to in the Seoul Times Article are FEMALE, this is a direct result of China’s infanticidal “one child” policy, which places males as more desirable than females, due to the cultural fact Chinese males take care of their elderly parents! It has currently left Chinese communities with a highly unnatural and very dangerous average of 30 MEN to 1 WOMAN, and has resulted in the MASS DEATH of MILLIONS of FEMALE BABIES, ALREADY BORN and STILL IN THE WOMB!!!!!!! More than a third of Chinese woman ADMIT to aborting a child based SOLELY upon gender:

China Grapples With Legacy of its ‘Missing Girls’:

This type of EUGENICS, called GENDERCIDE, and more specifically, GYNOCIDE, and is VERY DANGEROUS for a NUMBER OF REASONS:

What is Gendercide?

Read about Female Infanticide here:

“Gender hygiene” is the same as pseudo-scientific “racial hygiene,” and the resulting gender imbalance in a population as large as China, with so many human-rights violations under their government (Mao Zedong murdered 49-78 MILLION Chinese under “Communism”) means that the world could be in for a horrible surprise if this MASSIVE ARMY of MEN is one day mobilized for ANY REASON! One really important question to ask is, “What army of soldiers wouldn’t be more than happy to invade a foreign country with a NATURALLLY BALANCED GENDER RATIO, when considering the fact that their own government has made FEMALES ARTIFICIALLY SCARCE through MURDEROUS DESIGN?”

These sorts of dangers lurk on the horizon, even as the cowards-that-be tell in the Western world tell us to watch out for “terrorists” so that they can strip us of our human rights, much like Communist China!!! And, those in power would LOVE for the world to adopt China’s death-system, pushing the idea again and again in order to “manufacture” public consent:

CNN Founder & Media Mogul Billionaire Ted Turner* Urges World Leaders to Adopt China’s “One Child” Policy:

*Note that Turner himself is a father of five children.

A Real Inconvenient Truth: Diane Francis, Financial Post:

Environmentalists Call for One-Child Policy:

Crazy Eugenicists Advocate One-Child Policy on CNN’s Cafferty File:

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