America’s TRUE “Founding Fathers”

On June 11 1776, an Onondaga sachem gave John Hancock an Iroquois name at Independence Hall.

On June 11 1776, an Onondaga sachem gave John Hancock an Iroquois name at Independence Hall.

Many Americans are unconcerned with the fact that our so-called “Founding Fathers” were a small group of rich, white, male, land-holding slave-owners who legitimized imperialism, and the virtual genocide of millions of indigenous North American tribal individuals, while also denying the equal rights of women. Few could imagine that these men ultimately conspired to horde their so-called “enlightenment” for themselves, crafting an intellectual dictatorship over the rest of the populace. Even with the facts laid bare, almost no one could believe that exalted men like Jefferson and Hamilton sought to secure for themselves an elevated position over the masses as the elitist ruling class. Yet, history shows that, once again, the hive-minded hierarchy was formed, with the express purpose of protecting the few parasites on top at the expense of the whole

Meanwhile,  America’s true “Founding Fathers,” North America’s own Iroquois League, and Britain’s Thomas Paine, have been almost completely ignored by history’s revisionists! Yet, without acknowledging their very important contributions to the Constitutional Republic of the United States, the citizens of America will forever remain ignorant of how our government really took root: through rebellion against injustice, along with the legal aid of a helpful, peaceful nation! Understanding this information is one of the key ingredients that will help our country finally learn to lead the world by example, not by force!

Thomas Paine, the “Father of the American Revolution,” not only authored “Common Sense,” the document that inspired the later “Declaration of Independence,” but also truly represented the full spirit of wisdom with his words and deeds, being a staunch slave abolitionist, while also arguing for the equal rights of the sexes!

C-SPAN: American Writers: Thomas Paine: Common Sense:

Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense”:

Meanwhile, our other founding document, the “Constitution” was directly inspired by the Iroquois Constitution, a system of government shared with European settlers by the Iroquois League of North America! Of course, unlike OUR INFERIOR DERIVATIVE, the Iroquois Constitution guaranteed equal rights to both sexes, and freedom from slavery for ALL!

Iroquois Constitution Influenced That of U.S., Historians Say:

Iroquois Influenced the United States Constitution:

Yet, sickeningly enough, America repaid the kindness of the Iroquois League with a propaganda campaign, labeling the indigenous individuals of the North as “savages” to demonically justify a barbaric GENOCIDE! This is REVISIONISM, FOLKS! Can you see it? The snake eats its own tail in order to remove the evidence of its past, and feign present perfection! It is the “circle of evil,” and the TRUE WISDOM BEHIND THE OUROBOROS! If only we would WAKE UP to the CLEVERNESS of our ENEMY, TRUTH and JUSTICE would FREE US from “THE BODY OF THIS DEATH!” We must ALL increase our CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS and our SYMBOL-LITERACY – as well as EACH OTHER’S! This is the only REAL KEY to UNLOCKING the SHACKLES OF IGNORANCE!)

Check your history! Just like most revolutions of the past and present, the American Revolution was CO-OPTED by a bunch of ultra-rich, ultra-greedy PIRATES in sheep’s clothing, looking to rule over an unrepresented majority using their age-old, long-worshiped BABYLONIAN, INSECTOID HIERARCHY- the HOUSE OF BONDAGE!

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7 Responses to America’s TRUE “Founding Fathers”

  1. Sara Kleipe says:

    I found this article very informative! Not only did I not know who Thomas Paine was before reading this, but I was very surprised about reading about The Iroquois League! Established hundreds of years before our constitution, we seemed to have borrowed many aspects of it, before viciously turning on the “savages”. Too bad we didn’t stick to the part about women have equal rights back then! Once again, America is way behind on the times and selective in doling out their rules, rights and freedoms. Thank you for posting this article!

  2. Donna says:

    Absolutely Excellent Article Rayn! This country makes me physically sick. When are things going to change for the better? You mention the snake eating its own tail and its the circle of evil. But what about all the people who walk around with their heads up their own asses accepting the propoganda machine lies, nothing changes. I know you are trying to keep hope alive, but I grow tired…

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