With U.S. Already Enforcing Pre-Crime Laws Everywhere, Researchers Now Warn that Artificial Intelligence Will Soon Be Used By Police to Further Same Goal

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Stanford Researchers Warn U.S. — Cops Already Using AI to Stop Crimes BEFORE They Happen:

(Claire Bernish) Pre-crime, a term coined by science fiction author Philip K. Dick and loosely described as the use of artificial intelligence to detect and stop crime before it happens, has become a terrifying reality — and will likely be business-as-usual for police in just 15 years.

“Cities have already begun to deploy AI technologies for public safety and security,” a team of academic researchers wrote in a new report titled Artificial Intelligence and Life in 2030. “By 2030, the typical North American city will rely heavily upon them. These include cameras for surveillance that can detect anomalies pointing to a possible crime, drones, and predictive policing applications.”

First in an ongoing series for the Stanford University-hosted One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence (AI 100), the report is intended to spark debate on the benefits and detriments of AI’s growing presence in society — and, as in the area of law enforcement, the removal of the human factor won’t necessarily end well.

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My Commentary: No surprise, since we already have pre-crime laws all throughout the US.

Internment Camps, for “Public Safety”!

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"But...? Who would build the internment camps?"

“But….? Who would build the internment camps?”

Morgan S.: Fema got you covered.

Rayn: Formaldehyde trailers for all!