Scientists Conclude Both Major Presidential Candidates as Possible Psychopaths? Keep Voting, Anyway! That’ll Show ‘Em!

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2016 Presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

2016 Presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump Has More Psychopathic Traits than Adolf Hitler, While Hillary Clinton Shows “Machiavellian Egocentricity”: Scientists Conclude BOTH Presidential Candidates May be Psychopaths – But Claim That Could be a Good Thing:

(Stacy Liberatore) The lively and sometimes entertaining Presidential race has left Americans and even the entire world questioning both candidates’ mental state.

Between Donald Trump’s unorthodox behavior and Hillary Clinton’s blatant disregard for State Department laws, experts wonder if these White House competitors exhibit similar traits of other historical leaders.

A new study into psychopathic traits reveals that Trump ranks above Adolf Hitler and below Saddam Hussein, whereas Clinton is lodged between Napoleon and Emperor Nero – but some of these traits can make them a more successful leader.

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My Commentary: Ya think? Keep voting, anyway! That’ll show ’em!

Discussing Restructuring in Upcoming DSM-V as Indication of Major Paradigm Shift in Field of Psychiatry

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Claudia: That is good article!

Narcissistic Disorder to be Eliminated in Diagnostic Manual:

Rayn: Hmmm… This will be happening in 2013. Meanwhile, the DSM will be doing the same thing to Asperger’s Syndrome in 2012.

A Powerful Identity, A Vanishing Diagnosis:

With all of this restructuring taking place, it would appear that there is a major paradigm shift underway in the field of psychiatry. I wonder which corporate agenda is being served this time… Probably the pharmaceutical industry, again…

Claudia C.: it seems that the only entity benefiting from these changes are indeed the pharmaceutical companies who are not capable to admit that the drugs they are producing are not safe. If they have an altered dsm to this point they can easily claim that the drugs are efficient as opposed to dangerous and inadequate.