Food for Thought?

The following correspondence originally took place upon my Facebook wall…

"Food for Thought"

“Food for Thought”

John T.: Food for thought!

The point and time slavery was abolish, you would think that it was for the Minorities who were effected. But… What if? ( I know you do not like what ifs, but why?… “I know why”, do you?) Slavery was abolish in order to stop the birth of inherited wealth that comes with owning someone that would do paid labor. What does that mean? Slavery was dee stablished not for the purpose of it being wrong and inhuman. Slavery was discontinued in order to make white Americans become slaves themselves? “The White Americans” who have the most wealth are the cruel ones who inherited all the wealth through slavery? How would you feel, if you were a “White American” struggling because of being effected by the reading above?
If you were a minority believing you were freed from slavery because a war got you it, how would you feel if you knew you fought a war to keep Wealth for a group of White Americans who only wanted to stop slavery just so it would not give birth to more wealthy White Americans? We’re you the Minority used as a tool?


"Slavery was never abolished. It was extended to include everyone."

“Slavery was never abolished. It was only extended to include everyone.” (Artwork originally located here, upon the Facebook page, “Get Involved, You Live Here“)