Remembering the Holodomor…

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Memories of the Great Famine in Ukraine:

During the Great Famine of the 1930s as many as four million Ukrainians died during the forced collectivisation of farms by Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

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My Commentary: Say “no” to war! Between 1907-1909, my great-grandparents left the Ukraine in order to escape the coming Bolshevik Revolution. They were able to completely avoid the genocidal Holodomor (Голодомо́р) that inevitably followed, and laid waste to their entire homeland. Communism always was, and always has been, one of the most dangerous forms of economic terrorism humanity has ever encountered This disturbingly elitist, paternalistic, misanthropic, sociopathic, bankster-funded ideology is responsible for more murders in the 20th century than all other forms of Statism, combined…

Neither the current US-installed Ukrainian puppet government, nor the Russian government have any legitimate authority over the Sovereign Slavic peoples of Eastern Europe. Both infiltrating ROGUE nations were created by, and are still controlled by, FOREIGN influences. Do not allow the puppet show to distract you from following the strings back to the hidden hands of the shadowy figures behind the curtain, controlling this world theater.

Human life is more valuable than the murderous corporate interests of the War Vampire Class. End war, or war will end us!

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