NC Department of Health and Human Services Censors Public From Sharing Mainstream Articles About Natural Immunity During Their Facebook Live Stream

I originally posted the following information and screenshots onto my Facebook wall…

A little while ago, NC Department of Health and Human Services hosted a FB Live video.

In the comments, I shared a set of mainstream media monopoly articles about Big Pharma still working on an “omicron variant” booster that will be released later in the year, and pointed that anyone receiving any of the currently-available “boosters” being promoted is not actually protecting themselves against the latest variant. My post was almost immediately removed by a page moderator under the claim that it was “violating community rules.”

So, I commented with a MSM article, promoting the natural immunity as superior to vaccinations. And, once again, a moderator for the page removed it as “violating community standards.” In response, I continued to share more articles on the same topic, and a moderator continued to remove them.

This is how a corrupt government bureaucracy operates. Their tax-funded employees haven’t missed a single paycheck, in two solid years of promoting endless COVID panic porn to the public, while shamelessly advertising Big Pharma’s latest rushed, experimental, liability-free COVID jabs, again and again – even to young children! Now, they resort to suppression of public dialogue, in their frantic and desperate attempt to prop up their stale old narrative, as it continues to crumble more quickly, with each passing day. The conflict of interest involved here just barely touches the surface of the problem with this department!

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