Debating About Hunter Biden’s Laptop

The following debate originally took place on my Facebook wall…

Rayn: EXCLUSIVE: National Security Nightmare of Hunter Biden’s Abandoned Laptop Containing Phone Numbers for Clintons, Secret Service Officers and Most of Obama Cabinet Plus His Sex and Drug Addictions – All Secured by Password ‘Hunter02’:

Cody B.: That laptop crap is the most ridiculous bullshit lie, there’s no way a rational person buys that.

A guy from California has a laptop with questionable material that breaks, and instead of just buying a new one, he flies to New York, finds some half blind rando to fix it and gives him $85, that rando takes months to fix it and instead of being professional, he reads through thousands upon thousands of emails looking for incriminating info, and upon finding out calls Rudy guiliani, who just sits on the info…..

What the fuck???


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Rayn: The Hunter Biden videos speak for themselves, which is why Facebook and Twitter are actively censoring user ability to share links and the photos on their platforms. Attacking the source of the content is a genetic fallacy, especially when considering the amount of criminality taking place…

Cody B.: You mean the “sex tapes” released on a Chinese language website run by a Chinese billionaire Trump supporter living in the United States along with Steve Bannon that are narrated in broken English by a Chinese national? I’m not even a Biden fan but you’re fucking delusional.

Rayn: I don’t mean “sex tapes,” as that sort of label would be nothing more than intellectually dishonest spin. I was referring to Hunter Biden’s self-recorded crime spree, taken over the course of many months, throughout many separate videos. I’m not a Trump fan, nor a Biden fan, nor any sort of DemoRepublicrat, whatsoever. I’m just an individual, living under drug warrior, Senator Biden’s, prison paradise, who recently witnessed his son smoke “illegal drugs,” test the purity of “illegal drugs” and generally consume “illegal drugs,” as part of a major lifestyle choice. It’s the height of hypocrisy and injustice, no matter how much you attempt to sidestep the evidence, at hand, in favor of contorting the contents of Biden’s laptop into a conspiracy theory about partisan political trickery. If there was a modicum of integrity in the mainstream media monopoly, they would have fostered public discussion about ending the ridiculous, tyrannical, police-state-funding War on Drugs, but instead, they dutifully ran interference for the Establishment, and censored the information.

I’m delusional? 😸 You’re the one that’s ignoring evidence of Hunter Biden’s criminal behavior, and relying on two genetic fallacies to get there, leaving you completely blind to the volumes that this evidence speaks about his father’s completely hypocritical political career. And, of course, your neat little poli-trick conveniently alleviates you of the burden of having to think for yourself, and consider the bigger societal implications of Hunter Biden’s videos and photos…

Kevin B.:

Rayn: The fishiest lemming as of late drops a red herring. Iconically ironic! 😸

“I’m here to distract you.”

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