Fear-Mongering Alarmism, for a Better Tomorrow!

The following debate originally took place upon my Facebook wall…

Rayn: Fear mongering alarmism, for a better tomorrow!

‘We Blew It’: U.S. Reaches ‘Explosive’ COVID-19 Spread as Virus is Nearly Impossible to Control, Experts Say:

Ramon C.: What a load of propaganda… and many cant figure it out

Michael S.: Ramon and Rayn, with all due respect, if your grandparents had to take 5 different medications to recover from the coronavirus and it still took them 3-5 weeks to do so during which time they felt like garbage, psychologically and physically, I’m not sure that you both would still have the same response.

Rayn: And, if you were a cancer patient, no longer able to receive timely treatments, or your loved one committed suicide, due to these lockdown, Michael, I’m not sure that you’d have the same response… Glad to hear your grandparents recovered. 😸

Cancer Patients Are Having Their Treatment Cancelled Already – Just a WEEK Into Second COVID Lockdown:

Concerns Grow Over Delay in Cancer Treatment Amid Coronavirus Lockdown:

Health Service Faces Wave of Lawsuits Over Hundreds of Scans, Tests and Operations Cancelled in Lockdown:

Lockdown ‘Caused Up to 21,000 Extra Deaths – Many Due to Reduced Access to Healthcare’, Shocking Study Claims:

Suicides On the Rise Amid Stay-At-Home Order, Bay Area Medical Professionals Say

CDC Director Compares Rate of Suicides to COVID-19 Deaths:

Could Continuing Lockdown Be More Deadly than Coronavirus Itself?

Greg T.:

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