Suggesting Anarchists ‘Move to Somalia’ is a Death Wish Considering US Has Been Bombing the Location for Years

The following debate originally took place within the Facebook group, “INTJ Females”…

Eliška P.:


Larissa R.: Rayn, yeah, right, go visit Somalia

Rayn: Yeah, right. To reflect your faulty “logic,” I would suggest that you go visit North Korea – where citizens enjoy almost 100% voter turnout, and candidates are selected unanimously. 😆

Argumentum Ad Somalium:

“A variation of the false dichotomy fallacy by which one assumes that the only intellectual alternative to one’s local government is Somalia.”

Larissa R.: I can see this is not the first time somebody tells you about possibility to move to Somalia 😉

Larissa R.: Just pick any country without a government and enjoy your “holiday”!

Larissa R.: And what comes to North Korea… well I’m really happy here where I live (Scandinavia), government and all (that Americans like to demonise).

And so is the majority of us here:

Rayn: It’s definitely not the first time that some “civilized” stranger online determined it to be “respectful” discourse to almost immediately threaten me with America’s murderous foreign policy because I dared to begin exposing the State as the most dangerous and illogical superstition humanity has ever known.

Trump Admin Pummels Somalia with Bombs in the Middle of a Pandemic, Killing Innocents:

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