Doublethinking Democrats Celebrate Obama for Commuting Whistle-Blower, Manning’s, Prison Sentence

I originally posted the following information and commentary onto my Facebook wall…

Wikileaks’ Julian Assange

Democrats Can Go Ahead And Admit They Were Wrong About WikiLeaks Now:

My Commentary: Let’s not forget that Wikileaks exposed war crimes taking place under Bush’s Republican administration, long before revealing crimes and corruption taking place within the Democratic party.

Oh, and to those celebrating Obama for commuting Manning’s 35-year prison sentence… You do understand that this former military intelligence analyst began whistle-blowing in 2010, under an Obama administration, was sentenced in 2013, under an Obama administration, has been tortured and abused during his imprisonment, under an Obama administration – and, this was all for revealing various War Crimes, corruption, and abuses of power taking place from 2007 to 2009, under both Bush and Obama administrations? With that mind, you do also realize that Manning leaked this information to Wikileaks?

Cool. Now that you’re done celebrating justice… you should probably get back to espousing those mainstream-media-monopoly- propagated, unsubstantiated, evidence-free claims you’re so fond of. You know… the ones about Wikileaks being secretly controlled by “the Russians,” who dispersed either fake, or, “illegally hacked,” DNC emails to “rig” America’s presidential election. LOL! I mean… It’s OBVIOUSLY all true, simply because “journalists” and US “intelligence community” said so! They have no real vested interest in cover-ups of any sort! Keep fighting the good fight! 😉

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