Discussing Those at Fault for the Democratic Party’s Loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential Elections

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “Corrupt, Pro-War, Corporate Puppet, Hillary, Primary-Rigging DNC, Capitulating, Shilling Sanders, Democratic Voters, and Professionally-Lying Mainstream Media Monopoly Deserve Full Blame for Democratic Election Loss“…

2016 Democratic Presidential candidates, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

2016 Democratic Presidential candidates, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

RaynHillary Blames FBI Director for Election Loss:

Ha! Actually, Hillary, the corrupt, pro-war, sold-out, corporate puppet, deserves most of the blame, along with the pathetic, primary-rigging DNC that propped her up. And, after that, blame Democratic voters, who didn’t protest the DNC’s Clinton selection, along with the weak and ineffectual Bernie Sanders, who capitulated to, then quickly began shilling for, Clinton. Last, but not least, blame the professionally-lying mainstream media monopoly, who projected a Hillary win all the way up until the evening of election day, giving Democrats a false sense of comfort, and made them arrogantly complacent about Hillary’s underhanded take-over project.

Rayn: Oh, snap! Killary’s “we came, we saw, he died” sound byte was turned into a song! This is just perfect!

Hillary Clinton is Evil (Remix):

Kala Z.: OMFG, thank you, Rayn!

Rayn: You’re most welcome! 🙂

Kala Z.: Reposted it! Very grateful!! Hope all is well with the micro warrior!

Rayn: Sweet! Indeed, it is!

Nelson E.: Its the FBIs fault shes a murderous criminal

David L.: Self inflicted wounds, enough said

Tony E.: Its true also voter suppression

Rayn: Is this the voter suppression you’re referring to?

Both DNC AND RNC Hand-Selected Which Political Parasite Would be Running for Ruler of America:

DNC Lawyers Argue No Liability [In Selecting Clinton, and Disenfranchising Bernie Sanders] : Neutrality Is Merely a “Political Promise”:

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