Unsuprisingly, America’s President-Elect, Donald Trump, Plans to Fill DC Swamp with More Scum

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President-Elect, Donald Trump, considering John Bolton for position of Secretary of State

President-Elect, Donald Trump, considering John Bolton for position of Secretary of State

John Bolton, Trump’s Likely Secretary of State, Is Addicted to Regime Change:

() When George W. Bush nominated John Bolton to be his ambassador to the United Nations in 2005, it was cathartic for many conservatives, who had been stewing for years over the bureaucracy at Turtle Bay. A working-class guy from Baltimore with a Yosemite Sam mustache, Bolton had once opined that if U.N. headquarters “lost 10 stories, it wouldn’t make a bit of difference.” It was easy to imagine him hurling abuse and possibly heavy objects at gelatinous U.N. functionaries as they fled down the hallway.

Alas, Senate Democrats filibustered Bolton’s nomination, limiting him to a recess appointment. His term was brief, controversial, and idealistic, as he set about trying to reform the U.N.’s farcical and mass murderer-dominated Human Rights Commission, which earned him rare praise from the New York Times. So when Donald Trump announced he was mulling Bolton to be his secretary of state, it seemed like a solid pick. Who wouldn’t want a sworn foe of bureaucracy at the cumbersome State Department?

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My Commentary: Just “drain[ing] the swamp.” Nothing to see, here. LOL!

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