Discussing Democrats, With Their Demagoguery, Doublethink, and Unsubstantiated Conspiracy Theory About Russian Election-Rigging

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “Who’s Trying to Effect the Outcome of the Elections?“…

Donna Brazile holds up her CNN DNC pass

Donna Brazile holds up her CNN DNC pass

Rayn: Who’s trying to effect the outcome of the elections? “The Russians! The Russians!” LOL!

CNN Cuts Ties with Donna Brazile After Hacked Emails Show She Gave Clinton Campaign Debate Questions:

Diana B.: when democracy fails, there’s always the soviets to blame

RaynDemocracy and Demagoguery Make a Perfect Team!

RaynWhen “Conspiracy Theorists” Are Pro-Establishment, Their Unsubstantiated Claims Are Given Full Credence:

Funny how doublethink works, eh? 😉

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