The Irony of Statists Telling Anarchists to “Stop Forcing Their Politics On Them”

The following correspondence originally took place here, upon the Facebook page, “Government Does Not Exist“…

Government Does Not Exist:

"When a Statist Tells an Anarchist To Stop Forcing Their Politics on to Them"

“When a Statist Tells an Anarchist
To Stop Forcing Their Politics on to Them”

Rayn: Indeed! These types of Statists are some of the most intellectually dishonest, around!

I’ve actually been told, and I quote, “As a True Believer (TM) of your own chosen ideology you apparently project rigid, dogmatic inflexibility onto everyone who disagrees with you.”

My reply was lengthy, but here’s how it began… “As a true believer in your own chosen ideology of Statism, YOU project your rigid, dogmatic inflexible, not too mention violent and murderous, tyranny over your fellow man, because you don’t trust anyone but the sociopaths you elect into office, who rob you to live lavishly, while putting innocent human beings in cages for victimless crimes, like possession of non-toxic plants, while bombing women and children, overseas, with the ill-begotten tax funds that take from us all. Calling Voluntaryism, which is the freedom and peace of consensual relations between Sovereign Individuals, ‘rigid, dogmatic inflexible’ ideology completely discredits you, like usual. Keep licking those boots, and eating dust, my friend! 🙂

You can read the whole correspondence, here, if you’re in the mood for a laugh:

Exposing the Retrogressive Left:

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